Monday, April 4, 2011

PvP achievements - Have I gone mental?

Yes, the title of this post says it all. I've actually been on vacation in Chapel Hill for a week so one of the things I've been working on this past week was pvp achievements. I've gotten 11 pvp achieves in the last 5 days, though a number of those were ones that I've been working on for a while. I actually have finished all of the Isle of Conquest achievements so that I now only need 22 more wins for Isle of Conquest Veteran to get Master of Isle of Conquest. Perhaps I'll do a separate post on how to get Master of Isle of Conquest, which I feel is the easiest BG master to earn.

Anyways, some thoughts on grinding pvp achievements. First, grind the achieves during the battleground weekend. The reason I've been doing Isle for a couple of days is because it was the bg this past weekend. Thus, queues are going to be short. Also it seems that when you run the bgs on its bg weekend, you're more likely to get in a bg that is going to run either side of the spectrum. Meaning you're going to trounce the other side (and thus get some of the harder to get achievements) or you're going to get trounced.

I found that in some ways running the bgs for achievements made the losses less frustrating, because you're at least working towards some goal. Though yes, having a bg end when you're just one step away from finishing one of the All Star achievements does make it frustrating. I can't tell you how many times I came one thing away from Alterac Valley All Star.

It's also quite frustrating that a lot of the achievements are very difficult for healers to earn for one reason or another. I tried to work on To the Rescue, but when Horde is always focus firing healers first, its really hard. Grrr. And add to that the fact that some are more difficult for alliance (for example the fact that Horde always take Workshop in Isle, at least on my battlegroup).

However, what I found the most difficult about going for many of these achievements is that it goes completely against your purpose and role in the bg, particularly if you're a healer. I wrestled with that in some of the bgs, especially in the smaller bgs where you're making a bigger difference. There were some achievements that I only went for after it was clear that my side was going to lose, though even then I felt a bit guilty because there is always the possibility of a come back. Even in the large bgs, like Isle, it just made no sense for me to hang back to finish Cut the Blue Wire... No the Red Wire! when I should have been rushing and defending docks.

Anyways, we'll see how long I keep up with this push towards the pvp achievements. Hopefully I can keep my sanity in the process.


  1. Actually, pvp can be a blast even if y9our on the loosing side depending on how you play your toon. I switch back and forth between my pvp loebie toon and my pve tank toon. Both give me alot of fun for play but with different modes of play. So enjoy trouncin and pouncin!

  2. I had originally commented that you were more than likely mental due to the fact that you are a gnome....but rethought my comment thinking that your main wasn't a gnome...making you more accurately a equally mental position...just different.

  3. Hi Eversor! Long time no see! /wave!