Monday, April 18, 2011

A master, a trinket, and a candle

This past weekend, I finally ended up getting Master of Isle of Conquest! Woot. The tabard you get from this is actually kinda pretty I think:

Jess asked if the madness was now finally over. Not really... because now I am onto grinding out wins for Master of Alterac Valley. Its going to suck because AV matches take much longer than Isle matches. But grind, I must... and I will!

I also bit the bullet last week and bought Darkmoon Card: Tsunami. Does this mean I've given up on Tyrande's Favorite Doll? Mmm probably (screw you archaeology). I honestly can't remember the last time I did archaeology. Anyways, from raiding with this trinket twice now, I absolutely love this trinket. LOVE! In retrospect I probably should have bought the tsunami card earlier.

Strangely enough, with all the gold I have, I'm generally quite cheap in game with buying stuff. Perhaps I like seeing the summary gold total on Altaholic keep going up. But given that I was at 280k gold across my toons, I figured heck, maybe I can afford it. It was funny though after I bought the trinket (for 18k) because I freaked out a bit to see my gold total go down, and did some frantic AH-ing over the next couple of days to bring it back up to 275k. Yes, I know... I know... its a sickness.

I can tell that things have slowed down in WoW through my dealings on the AH. Just from my experience in selling things, I think a good number of folks have left the game, less number of new folks are joining, and raiding seems to have slowed down. I'm actually looking forward to 4.1 so that people get new gear from the new 5 mans, thus needing to buy gems again.

Finally, when I have extra time, or more precisely, when I need a break from going for pvp achievements, I've been working on doing zone quests for Loremaster. I was doing Westfall over the weekend and I thought the quest stories there were quite well done.

But I came across this quest which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I immediately thought about Tam and Gerard because the quest reward I chose was:

I'm now carrying the candle around in my bag. And it makes me smile every time I see it.


  1. I have one of those candles too and have a similar response when I look at it :)

    Lucky me also has both the darkmoon trinket AND the doll. It took me 130 solves of NE artifacts to get the doll.

    I am like you in my handling of gold. My husband asked me why I had 100k in the bank - he said if I wasn't intent on spending it, then I may as well not actually have it. I reduced it to 50k and spent on stuff, then frantically worked the AH to get it back so I felt comfortable again. I settled on a happy level of 100k however since I moved server that has come down to about 75k (having to liquidate and only being able to transfer 50k was hard). Now I have no alts on my new server so need to work out how to make more gold. Transmuting volatiles is covering my raid repair bills for now and I don't really need anything else just now....

    Hugs, Seph xx

  2. I love that quest reward. The flavor text is so resigned, or accusing. (Perhaps both?) Also, I know the feeling of reluctance to part with your hard-earned gold! Back when Glyphs were selling for 200g apiece, I sometimes had to slap myself when I was hesitating over buying something that was only a few hundred gold. "What are you doing? BUY IT. This is WHY YOU SAVE MONEY. Hell, that item is ONE GLYPH SALE for crying out loud!"

    I guess that mentality is how you save money, though. ;)

  3. Is a very spiffy tabard. Gratsifications.

  4. @Seph; Oh you got the doll! You lucky duck!

    Yeah I wonder if Tam realizes how much on an impact he's had on his readers (who miss him terribly BTW)... those who immediately equate an item in game (and a whole race of kobolds) to him.

    @Rades: Yeah... the text amuses me too. And yes you and Seph are right, you save money by not spending it. But at some point my cheapness gets a bit ridiculous.

    @Ratters: /wave! Thanks!