Monday, June 14, 2010

Star Wars Hello Kitty

While I have a number of posts I want to do, they require a bit of time in either researching or just actual writing. I have to be in a certain inspired mood to do those kind of posts. This past weekend was spent watching a lot of World Cup soccer. Waking up on the weekend at 5:15 am kinda made me bleary and useless for the rest of the day. Damn the time difference! And now I get to work and WTF I have stuff I have to get done.

So until I get the time and mood to work on some real posts (hopefully later this week), I shall leave you with the awesomeness and cuteness of Star Wars Hello Kitty. Don't mess with Hello Kitty!


  1. NO! Bad tree! Hello Kitty evil!

  2. Hello Kitty may be evil....but a woman who likes Star any form....I think I may be in love...

  3. Noes! Both of you! Hello Kitty rocks! She is not evil!