Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Christian guilds

I was curious about religion within this little game of ours and while doing some research I came across some interesting stuff that will probably be a future post in and of itself. But I got a little sidetracked by coming across what has to be a the Onion type satire site. First was this site from a while back about using WoW for evangelism. A second related site outlines the rules of certain Christian guild called Convert or Die.

When I first looked at Convert of Die's guild rules, I alternatively laughed and choked on my coffee a little. I am copying it fully here, so you can get the complete flavor.

1. We do not accept Warlocks as members. The Warlock class delights in dark magic and utilizes demons, and satanic runes for assistance. In addition, if you zoom in really close, you can see fireballs coming from between their legs. Playing a Warlock is a bad testimony and could open your heart to Satanic influences.

2. We are currently not accepting Gnomes as members. Gnomes are a very small "human-like" race. Although some find them to be cute, there is a perversion that lurks beneath their seemingly innocent eyes. We found after hours of playing them, there is a glitch where if you stand next to a female, and accidentally hit your mouse wheel, you can see right up her skirt. Until the smarty-pants game coders at Blizzard fix this glitch, we will not be allowing Gnomes in our guild.

3. We do not participate in any raid that takes over 30 minutes. Long raids are a waste of precious time that is better spent PM'ing and broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ - crucified, buried and resurrected to unsaved Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and other players who are going to hell. Jesus says He will come like a thief in the night, at an hour we least expect - the current situation in the Middle East leads us to believe that His return is VERY close at hand, so sharing the Gospel message is our primary and immediate goal in playing World of Warcraft.

4. We do not play Horde characters. Horde are usually older people and/or Blizzard developers and are not as open to hearing the Gospel of Christ. Horde are also unclean, animal-like characters. Just ask yourself, What Race Would Jesus Play? Human! of course! We understand it can be argued that Jesus would also play "undead," but we're not allowing that, until they clean up their appearance.

5. Men play male characters and women play female characters. If we find you are playing a female character and you are a male in real life - you will be booted from the guild immediately. If you wonder why, then we suggest you crack open your Bible and stop acting so gay!

6. All bind-on-equip items are to be sent to guild leader, Billy Houston. He will place them in the auction house to earn more gold or sell them to IGE so we can buy more gold for higher level equipment. Wearing high level equipment is sometimes necessary to earn the respect of other non-Christian players and usually makes them take you more seriously when you present them with the message of Christ. Whenever you have more than 100 Gold on you, send 90 of it to Billy for the Guild Bank.

7. We meet in Booty Bay under the docks for Bible Study and Prayer services every Sunday afternoon at 2PM CST and Wednesday evenings at 8PM CST. These meetings are mandatory. Get on VENT! We will have a keynote speaker from our church on Vent preaching during each meeting. The meetings last from 1-2 hours depending on how many prayer requests we have at the end of the service.

8. We are an English speaking guild. If you also speak Mexican, or foreign you are welcome to join - but you need to sound your words out in English when you are on Vent so that they are clear and understandable.

Then I read it a little more closely, and saw that this supposed guild was on the "Gaping Orifice" server and the fact that they say the guild was formed on 6/6/06. I then realized that this has to be some satire/joke.

Though I wonder how many folks saw this and thought that it was real? I wondered how real Christian guilds feel about it... whether they feel it put their guilds in a bad light. Anyways, this got me curious about real Christian guilds, which I think I had previously heard from somewhere that they existed.

Myself, I was born and raised Catholic, though as I've gotten older I've become less of a structured Catholic and incorporated aspects of Taoism and Buddhism into my beliefs. My reaction to Christian guilds is probably a bit similar to my reaction to religion and evangelism in real life. You do your thing, I'll do my thing, and as long as you don't step into my personal space by trying to convert me, I'm good.

From my searches, I found a number of Christian guilds. It seems that the majority of these guilds just want to play the game while fostering a Christian community, but are open to non-Christians as well. I found that a number of these guilds, like The Fish and Bread Trick specifically mention respecting the beliefs and opinions of others.

I found it interesting that the Christian Expeditionary Force specifically answers whether they allow warlock and death knight toons in their Christian guild (answer is yes). It reminded me of the satire rule above about not allowing warlocks.

Carriers of the Cross outlines an interesting way to think about resolving conflicts within the guild and refuting an officer's decision:

1. The guild officer has final authority.
2. Pray that God will humble your heart and the heart of the guild officer for quick resolution to the situation without causing a rift among the guild.
3. If you can be polite about it, whisper your complaint to the officer that you have a disagreement with, and try to resolve it there WITHOUT arguing. If you cannot do this without arguing, contact the officer later, after you have cooled down. Continual arguing with a guild officer will result in probationary measures being taken.
4. If the officer is not listening to you or the problem is not being resolved, you may go above that person to the next person in the Chain of Command.
5. Repeat the same process until either your issue is resolved or you work your way up to the guild leader who will resolve the issue, either for or against you. The guild leader's word is the final word.
6. The guild leader will consult with the other leaders that can be reached within a decent amount of time before making the final decision.
7. Spreading your complaint in the open chat or in private with other members who do not need to know (gossip) will not be tolerated and can lead to an immediate kick from the guild.

What gets me about this is less the praying bit, and more around the extreme authoritarian feeling. Their leaders are not messing around! I found that in addressing guild conflict a number of Christian guilds quoted scripture, which was an interesting way to think about things.

By His Stripes outlines some specific rules for their Christian guild around PvP:

The guidelines we set on members for PvP come as a matter of respect to the other players in the game. Remember that your actions not only reflect upon you, but upon the guild as a whole.
1. No corpse camping: If you kill someone, move on and don't sit and camp their corpse waiting for them to come back. This is disrespectful to the person to whom you are doing it and reflects poorly upon the guild. This includes both world PVP and Battlegrounds.
2. No killing the flight master: If you are participating in world PvP, do not kill flight masters in a town. This does not just affect high level players, but affects all players of the opposing faction in the area. While it can be argued that this is a part of the game, we do not approve of this type of behavior in the game due to the impact it has upon so many.
3. No killing lowbies: If you are level 80 and see a level 30 run by that happens to be flagged for PvP, do not kill them. There is no honor to be gained in killing someone who can not even be considered a challenge to you and thus it can only be perceived as being mean and disrespectful.

Geez, if only more guilds and players followed these rules!

The Narrow Path elaborates on to be expected rules around language and profanity by specifying that our favorite terms like WTF, OMG, and OMFG are not allowed. They also specify not calling other players noobs and they will not allow immoral behavior like dancing naked on mailboxes.

All in all, I found it pretty interesting. Most of these Christian guilds are pretty open to accepting members of other faiths, and are not looking to evangelize within the game. They generally seem to all have rules of respecting other people's faiths and beliefs and are just looking to play this game within a more wholesome or Christian community, which I completely respect.

I think though that I would fail the language/profanity rule pretty hard...


  1. God is the ultimate dictator, so it makes sense that a guild would follow the same pattern.

  2. While I wouldn't state that our guild is a christian guild, we did build a lot of the foundational rules off of it. And quite a few people in our guild are christians. It is refreshing to see that there are a few out there, tho the extremes some of the go to are a little too much for me. I don't think I could handle some of them. The first one that you listed is hopefully a satire because I would hate to think that they are truly an example of christian players out there.

    WoW is an interesting group of players in that you get people from all walks. I am sure you can find muslim guilds, or jewish guilds out there and they all have to interact with each other on some level.

  3. Yeaah... we specifically keep such "filth" away from our guild. There's one on the Rampage Server (SoC, soldiers of christ). And well .. typical of real life ... you don't want those people around society.

  4. WebSense Enterprise filters and restricts access to Internet sites in accordance with Company X Communications Policy.

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    Your IP: xx.xx.xx.xx

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    My company web filter says it all???

  5. I had an alt of mine in a Christian guild for a time [it gets frustrating for me to separate same server toons in different guilds - hence the only reason she left]. It was actually a very nice place to be - everyone was helping everyone else. All fun in guild chat... very low drama and we had people from lots of different faiths and walks of life in there.

    They suffered a fair bit of ridicule on trade as I recall, but didn't pay much attention

  6. Regardless of the immediate offense that I take to the way that satire site is setup and Shannara's comment above I figure I would post here.

    Being a former member of The Narrow Path I can't understand why people get so offended at the concept of of a Christian Guild. We never said anything to anyone, we don't force anyone to join, we don't run around spouting our beliefs. It comes down to wanting to play in an environment that is more in line with what they enjoy and I can say with 100% certainty that is hard to find in WOW if you are a Christian. The only reason I am a former member is that I don't play anymore and it's a great group of people to hang out with. If you don't like it then don't worry about it because we aren't affecting you anyway.

  7. @Mark: Why do get offended merely at a concept (forget actual existence) of a Christian guild? Because there is a segment of the population that is constantly looking for an excuse to be offended, for an excuse to show their 450 Victim skill, for an excuse to transfer their pitiable void of mutilated kittens and/or other unhappy self-loathing onto someone or something else.

    I'm on a roll today... /channelJimCarrey SOMEBODY....STOP MEH!!!

  8. I love Christian guilds, such carebears are great to kill!

  9. @Klep and Riv: As always to you two always provide comments that make me /sigh, /nod, /wonder, or /lol. Often more than one of those at the same time.

    @Skarrde: I did find myself agreeing to a number of the foundational rules of these guilds around mutual respect. And yes, I'm certain the first guild is a satire.

    @Shannara: Hmmm, well I don't have an issue with any Christian guilds unless they try to convert people.

    @Forreststump: Haha, classic. Your web filter does say it all.

    @Askevar: Great to hear!

    @Mark: I don't think that most people are offended at the notion of a Christian guild. Because I didn't know too much about Christian guilds, I wanted to share some of what I found, which is very different from the satirical guild I posted about.

    If you read the last full paragraph of my post, I really don't have issues with Christian guilds.

  10. @K: I think we've well established that I would fail any language check. :D

  11. I saw recruitment ad on our server claiming to be a christain guild, that was not accepting Warlocks and deathknights - thet got trolled pretty bad. Shadow Priests must be cutting it close to being not allowed either, but I see the appeal to those who want to be among like minded people while they game - might make your experience more pleasant, I can't see how things like not killing flightmasters makes you a better player/christian though

  12. I'm a little confused why pushing the buttons that make you suck out people's souls is worse than pushing the ones that make you chop their arms off. We're talking fake souls anyway.

    I think Fish and Bread Trick is Horde side on my main server; might have to put our very rarely played horde alts there. I can get fed up with the inane crudity of guild, pug, and trade chat pretty quickly.

    The one problem I'd have with being known as a Christian guild is the fear that me having a bad day would reflect poorly on my public-professed-in-guild-tag faith. Would hate to have to always remember that when I'm being snarky at a random pugger, they're possibly judging me as an example of Christianity.

    The last set of rules seemed like a pretty good outline of "how to apply "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" in WOW without making wow unfun.

  13. @Khol Drake: Yeah, I can't imagine doing arena without my trusty old FFS.

    @Pugnacious: Oh true, shadow priests could be cutting it close. My highest level alts besides my druid are a shadow priest, lock, and a DK. I wonder what that says about me. :P

    @Analogue: lol on the first part of your comment. :)

    I agree that I also like the part of their rules that center around the do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  14. Keredria,

    Check out my Christian guilds Constitution and Statement of Faith:

    Let me know what you think