Monday, June 21, 2010

I'll stick to my Trader Joe's snacks

I came across this article on Kotaku about Gamer Grub, a snack specifically marketed towards us gamers with tag lines like "no keyboard crumbs" and "no greasy fingers".

What cracks me up is that it is marketed as a "performance snack". They even have a specific science of gamer grub section on their website with info such as:

"Gamer Grub is a great tasting snack mix packed with select vitamins and neurotransmitters supporting fast cognitive performance. Gamer Grub is scientifically formulated to power your core gaming systems for maximum gaming performance."

Then vitamins and minerals in the snack are listed, specifically listing how they affect gamer performance such as vitamin A helping nerve impulses in the eyes and L-glutamic acid affecting nerve cell data input and output.

None of the four flavors (Pizza, PB&J, BBQ, S'mores) really appeals to me, and honestly this marketing pitch of this as a "performance snack" is a bit much to me. The whole vitamins and neurotransmitters in the snack helping your gaming by keeping you focused and quick makes me roll my eyes.

As I've previously blogged about, I'll stick to my Trader Joe's snacks, thanks. My latest kicks?

The Tofutti sounds kinda gross but its so yummy, I swear! I've come to call it frozen trickery because it really tastes like a real ice cream sandwich.


  1. If I had no crumbs, my keyboard would get hungry. I've learned to not stick my fingers near hungry things.

  2. *giggles*

    I blame my keyboard for all of the snacks that disappear rapidly in its vicinity :P

  3. Chocolate *edamame*?!!!


  4. @Klep: Fortunately my keyboard isn't as bad a trap for crumbs since I've switched to a Macbook.

    @Issy: Yes clearly we should blame the keyboards for all the nom noms!

    @Tam: I know it sounds kinda crazy, but I saw them and I thought 'hey, well I like dark chocolate and I like edamamae, so lets try them together'. They're strange, but good.

  5. Tofu, BLEH! I love milk, and beef so much I was thinking of buying my own cow.

  6. @River: I know it sounds gross... but its yum! I swear! Plus, remember I'm asian, so the love for tofu is in my genes a bit.

  7. "Performance snacks"... the MRE's of WoW. Probably taste about the same, too... though I do like chicken noodle.

  8. Well I stay away from Soy products like Tofu...I hear they have phyto-estrogens in them, I got big enough man boobs as it is. ;)

  9. Chocolate coverd edamame... um.. I love warm salted Edamame - cold salted at a pinch, but chocolate covered... I just can't..
    My work keyboard is in worse condition then home. All those lunchs at desk...

  10. If only they had Moroccan Chicken Salad Gamer Grub...even if it is not REALLY a salad at all.