Thursday, June 10, 2010

Murlocs are real! And they're Australian!

I was catching up on a number of the random sites and blogs I read, and came across this article. Now remember a while back when I shared the save the murlocs PSA?

Well, get ready for this guys... murlocs are real!

Let's compare that pic to our familiar murlocs:

These handfish are bottom-dwelling marine fish found in the coastal waters of southern Australia and Tasmania. They prefer to walk rather than swim, by using their modified pectoral fins to move around on the sea floor. A couple more pics:

I mean come on, you just put a sword in one fin/hand and throw in a good old fashioned Aaaaarghbbrgl!!!!!, and tell me, do you not see this:

Seriously, who knew murlocs were Australian?!?! Do you think they eat vegemite? Hmmm.... I ask all the Australian bloggers to investigate.


  1. If only GC had been working at Blizzard longer; he was a marine biologist (close enough) and this could have led to grand conspiracy theories.

  2. Hm, the only blogger I know who lives down that way is Gnomeaggedon, you'd best ask him :)

  3. Oh my god!

    Quick, let's get Saunder of Nonsquishyheals on the case!

  4. That is truly brilliant! Great find, these are indeed Murlocs, I will fund the endeavor to bring them into a zoo immediately.

  5. @Klep: Hmmm perhaps you're onto something...

    @Angelya and Tam: There are a number of Australian bloggers in our blogosphere. Many could investigate!

    @Rilandune: :) The pink one kind of scares me though.

  6. im gona make an encounter