Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eye of Providence symbolism in Dalaran

I actually ended up taking enough classes at Carolina for an art history minor during my undergrad years, and for a while I actually considered combining it with a chemistry major to go into art restoration and conservation. So I do have a personal interest in history, art, and symbolism.

Thus, I found some stuff around the use of illuminati and masonic symbolism in WoW and thus the claim that WoW is evil and occult or something like that. One of the symbols often mentioned is the eye of providence, or the all seeing eye, often interpreted as representing the eye of God watching over humankind.

The Eye of Providence actually has a longer history, with imagery of an eye going back to Egypt's Eye of Horus and within Buddhism as well. So yeah, I am not of the mindset that all this symbolism equates to some Illuminati conspiracy theory or occult activity or whatever. But once it was pointed out to me, I ran around Dalaran to check out all the eye symbolism:


  1. I don't care too much about symbolism. I just want to point out that there is a cloth helm that doesn't have eye holes. It just has one big eye on the front, like the one shown in your pictures.

    My wife (it's her mage that has the helm) and I joked that it's a magical camera and the inside of the helm is a virtual heads up display with no need to actually see what's going on.

  2. @Ratshag: It's all a conspiracy! Aaaack!

    @Copernicus: Haha. Too funny.

  3. do not be so quick to dismiss..we see this same symbolism all over our movies, television shows, music videos, its everywhere and for some reason someone wants us to see it. why? well before you can even begin to contemplate that you need to first follow that little white rabbit you have always been told is not real.

    and for the closed minded of you, there was once a time when the group known as Illuminati was considered a fantasy....but time has a way of revealing the truth.