Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Thursday

Couple of random funnies to share this Thursday.

This article below really cracked me up. But its a good reminder to try to find the joy or humor in our little game, even if its the bazillionth daily you've done (do it without a tank!), or the 100th time you've done a certain boss. Musical ICC was a good time for us, I should try to come up with something else to shake things up a bit:

Pajama Forest is a really cute webcomic (archived comics here) that has WoW related comics from time to time:

In this pre-expansion slump, folks are taking breaks from the game as well as leaving guilds. It's important I think to communicate this clearly and fairly. Perhaps this breakup letter can teach us a lesson:


  1. Hahaha.. I wonder if Mr Murray is now single and available :P

  2. @Issy: Hee hee. Well, I can understand how Mrs. Murray could get fed up if this goes on every single day, but I find Mr. Murray kind of hilarious and brilliant!

  3. You can get in trouble for doing that kind of stuff in the store? My wife particularly loves it when I do my ultra dramatic (and very loud!) interior decorator imitation while we browse her favorite shops...