Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What this game can teach or reconfirm about yourself

I've talked a lot about how this game is much more than a game. I don't think folks quite realize when they first start the extent of the social interaction in this game. I know that I had no clue as to the kind and extent of social network I would be involved in via our guild.

Now whenever you are in a situation where you are interacting with other people, I think there is an opportunity to either learn or reconfirm certain things about yourself... whether they are good or not so good. How do you interact with others? React to certain situations? So some revelations/confirmations for myself around this end with some personal stories.

1. I can be a stubborn hothead who is not afraid to speak her mind

Family and past personal relationships will tell you that I am probably one of the most stubborn people you've ever met. And if someone wrongs or crosses me, or does something I don't feel is right, my instant gut reaction is very unlike what most folks would expect. When you're standing with a friend, waiting to put your name in at a very busy restaurant and someone else tries to go ahead of you, I'm the person who will publicly call them out, getting into somewhat of a verbal sparring match (no, that didn't really happen... er ok, it did).

In game? Well yeah... this definitely carries over. When I come across asshats in pug runs or in battlegrounds, I'm not the kind of person who can let it go. I'm the hothead who has to have her say. And stubborn? Me? In game? No.... er... ok yes... just ask Jess. If I think we should do something a certain way, or go for a certain boss, lets just say I am very very resolute on that opinion. :)

2. I'm fiercely loyal

If I feel my friends are being attacked, whoa watch out. I recall a situation back in college when one of my best girlfriends at the time had this crazy skank of a girl come up to her, started yelling at her, then grabbed her hair. Instinctively, I grabbed this girl's hand, twisted it around and off of my friend, pushed this girl back, and spewed something to the effect of "Are you f'in crazy?!?!". In the process I broke a finger on my left hand.

It became a big joke/conversation starter within our circle of friends for quite a while... and the story of how I broke a finger morphed into me getting in a catfight with a girl to defend my friend. This quality of mine is something that I have also seen in game. If I feel that friends or guildies are getting attacked or accused of things that are not right, I am very quick to defend them and attack back. Its sort of interesting... I play a healer in game, but I am very much a real life tank in personality.

3. I get easily frustrated

I've long known that I tend to get much more frustrated than others. I am probably the worst teacher in real life because I am just not very patient. I think I tried once in RL to teach someone the piano, and it ended pretty badly for both of us.

Unfortunately this aspect of myself has been confirmed in game as well. I definitely get more frustrated than others... and not only that, but I am not very good and hiding my frustration, which is bad. I think this is something that I can perhaps work on to improve about myself in game and in real life. Perhaps I can be inspired by Shmoo, who has to be the most optimistic guy I've ever met.

4. I am not the best communicator

I would probably say that in real life, I am not always the best at communicating what I want or need. I can tend to not express whatever is bothering me, and let it simmer and simmer and simmer until it blows up under completely unrelated pretenses. It's bad, I know.

Surprisingly, I think I am much better at communication in game. Guildies will tell you that I am not shy at all (see #1 above) about telling someone that I need them to move here, or do this, or do that. Our poor tanks probably get it the most from me, as I tell them what minor positioning or timing changes they could make from a healer's perspective. Perhaps this is something I've learned in game that I can translate over into my real life.

Anyways, all in all its amusing to me that I react to most social situations in game in very much the same way I do in real life. In some ways it confirms to me that I am how I am, in others I see things that I could translate over from game to real life, and it also highlights areas where I think I could and should perhaps soften up a bit both in game and real life. :)


  1. "And stubborn? Me? In game? No.... er... ok yes... just ask Jess."

    Heh. Some of the more epic battles in ICC so far have been between me and K.

  2. Heh yeah... and its sad when the kids start crying.

  3. WOW is a completely social experience. Without that, I wouldn't be half as interested in playing. When I log on and see none of my guildies on to harass and badger about Arena ;>}, I more often than not will just log and come back later.

    I've met some great folks through WOW. Folks who due to geographical, social, economic, political issues, I would have never connected with. I haven't met many of these peeps in RL (unless I knew them before I started WOW and then they twisted my arm into entering the WOW world...you know who you are). I have decided that I do want to meet my guildies in RL. We have been "vent friends" for 3 years in some cases. How many other people can you say that you have LITERALLY spent 3000+ hours talking to over just the last three years. You don't spend that much time with an uncomfortable half-functioning mic on your head if you don't value your time with these peeps. And when RL just gets a little too much, you can go and hang out with peeps you wish you had as neighbors so that you could bug, hug, and drink with in person.

    Love to all my guildies. Thanks for being you.

    Claw Reunion - Summer 2010