Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adrianne Curry and other "hot female celebrities"

So I come across this article from back in December that mentions that Adrianne Curry plays WoW "as a Night Elf Warrior named ‘Darthadri’ on the Nazgrel server". I looked her toon up in the armory and her warrior is now level 58.

Now I think its cool that she plays, but really, I wish she could have just shared the info without having to make it sexual by saying she plays WoW naked. I mean, I guess her point was that she wanted it to cause a stir and whatnot, but I did /sigh a little bit.

In trying to find out a little bit more about this, I come across this article. Now, I have no idea where they are getting this from, but they mention folks like Jenna Jameson, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, and Kate Beckinsale as also having played WoW (we already know about Felicia Day and I've previously blogged about Mila Kunis).

Again, cool to know or consider some female celebrities could be playing WoW but I could do with a little less of the "playing naked" or making it "hot female celebrities who play".

But really, Kate Beckinsale? Cameron Diaz? Wtf? I wonder where they got that from.


  1. Whoa! Kate Beckinsale? Cameron Dias? Really? o_O

    But yes, definitely in agreement about having less of the "I play nekkid lol!" and more of the "I play because I'm cool, dammit!".

  2. Why is this such a big deal that they play WoW? It's not a geeky tiny niche anymore.

    They should instead talk about collecting model trains. Naked.

  3. Um...K, I don't know what you do, but I thought it was the norm to play WoW naked. I mean, I do it every night, I find the nudity helps me raid better. /end sarcasm


    But seriously, I am glad that there is a little press on these women doing something other than going to knicks games and attending the opening of the Chanel Store on Rodeo Drive. Even if it may not be as widely viewed content as, say People, I am happy to see some different aspects on these women who are considered role models for our youth.

    You know whe I'd like to hear plays WoW? =) Kathy Bates or Jack Nickelson. I wonder what they would make...

  4. Even better what if they read blogs...what if these hot female celebreties read my blog...naked.

    *passes out*

  5. So what ... let me get this straight ... are you telling me a real live human female in a different country to me could be sitting alone in an empty room ... on her computer ... naked.

    Be still my beating heart.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that gaming is becoming more accepted as something Real Live Women might want to do (naked or fully clothed who knows) but to be honest I'm less interested in what she's not wearing than IS SHE STANDING IN THE DAMN FIRE?!

  6. Well, if your career is "looking pretty", you may as well reach out to as many punters as possible. Look at all the free advertising Curry got from this little stunt.

    Is it anything more than a cynical marketing ploy?

  7. Tam, it is a fact that only hot chicks stand in fire.

  8. OMG... I think I figured it out. Perhaps Adrianne Curry is Snottydin.

    It is somewhat hard for me to believe that all of those celebrities play WoW, and yes Sven, it could totally be just a marketing stunt. Though their names must be linked to WoW for some reason? And like Beru, I do think its cool to link them to something other than the usual gossip you hear.

    And Tam my dear, perhaps she stands in the fire because she is nekkid in rl and she is chilly and has gotten confused with the fires she sees in game and stands in them to warm herself up. Perhaps.

  9. I think the advertising is the other way around. I think Blizzard is paying these people to come out and say they play WoW (whether they really do or not). A little more subtle and a lot more viral (see look, we're talking about it here) than having some rock star say it in an official commercial.
    I wonder how much Nazgrel server's population popped after her comment came out? How many new subscribers just to check it out because they heard someone like her plays? I'm imagining enough for Blizzard to pay people like her to slip some comment into their blog/twitter/etc.

  10. Adrianne Curry is a bow wow she is a simpleton due to her everyday drug use..