Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A plea... let me keep my costumes!

My statcounter directed me to a link the other day. It was a guild's forums that listed a couple of resto druid blog resources with a little description next to each blog. The description next to mine was something like "not much information, but really funny random humor". LOL. Funny cuz its true.

Anyways. Are you guys taking part in the Lunar Festival? I am two dungeons elders away from completing it. The relevance to this post? Well I like to keep all the dresses and costumes and random stuff I pick up from all of the holidays. I'm not exactly sure why, because its not like I wear the costumes or use any of the random items, but they are a keepsake for completing the holiday events.

Then there are certain pieces I can't get rid of, like Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed or Je'Tze's Bell or my T8 sparkly moonhead.

Anyways, my available bag and bank space is seriously reaching crisis levels. I hope Blizz is taking a look at this, though I wish they'd implement solutions NOW as opposed to saying everything will be looked at with Cataclysm. I think I posted a long time ago about asking for a larger sized default backpack. They should also consider moving tabards to the tabbed system that we have with mounts and vendors.

Speaking of costumes, how crazy are the Sesame Street costumes above? Seriously what adult woman would wear them? I mean the flapper style Big Bird costume? lawl. The Elmo costume with the goldfish belt thing? Geez.


  1. I would love, LOVE for Blizzard to implement a "trophy case" of sorts where you could permanently embed in-game scrapbook, if you will. Even if it cost gold (which it would), or even gold per item, or even real-life money(!), I'd have to get it.

  2. Oooh... great idea! I like the in-game scrapbook idea! It could be a tab like how you can peruse other people's talents and pvp tabs.

  3. Some guys wanna get it on with Cookie Monster....

  4. WTB Wardrobe (closet, whatever).
    I too like to keep holiday clothing bits, as well as other things that look cool, I restrain myself due to lack of space and am really not an 'RP' type but outfits really do add fun/flavor. Besides, I'm a girl, so of course I care!

    Also, Tabard Tab (similar to the pets/mounts thing we have now).

    That Big Bird is.. /shudder.

  5. @Aloix: I know! And I'm sure we're not the only ones who want to save a lot of the holiday stuff.

  6. i second/third a wardrobe/closet thingie. i have bags and bags filled with old tier sets, gear, holiday items, dresses, sentimental items, etc. i would even be happy with bigger bags.