Friday, March 12, 2010

Perhaps we all need to join ZCC

From indexed:

This is the only sort of bracketology I am caring about right now since my basketball team (Carolina) sucked ass this year, leaving me to mutter "2005... 2009... 2005... 2009..." to myself repeatedly.

I would like to point out that us elves beat out the trolls! Yeah! Though seriously, we could take them zombies. If zombies are really this powerful, perhaps we all need to join the Zombie Combat Club.

Yep, turns out there is an actual, real Zombie Combat Club. Their objective? "To educate the public on effective blade, bludgeon, and unarmed combat techniques to eradicate the threat of the living dead". They even have a book coming out on Amazon in April!

Seriously, the stuff people come up with amazes me.


  1. pfft like you could even HOPE to take out gnomes. foul play, i declare.

  2. @Nkm: Please my dear Nkm, please. Though if it was a cuteness duel, I'm sure you gnomes could kick our asses.

  3. I vote that the gnomes blew themselves up with some sort of super intelligent gadget, as gnomes are known to do.