Wednesday, March 17, 2010

QQ moar, your tears are delicious

Adamas used to say "QQ moar, your tears are delicious" when he felt someone was whining. Well, Klep has deemed this Whiny Post Day, so I shall try to comply. Though in all honesty I'm not sure if I know really how to whine... it probably jumps the border into ranting quite quickly.

Maybe if I point out something I've already blogged/ranted about it could constitute whining because you guys would be like "She's already QQ-ed about this, STFU". Anyways, let me whine/rant YET AGAIN about the fact that 10 man raid bosses do not drop BOEs. I think I may be getting more and more perturbed about this as I see folks talk about selling BOEs and patterns and such from their 25 man raids as the source of their guild bank funds. Woe to us, strict 10 guilds (see, there is my attempt at whining). Though I am more "Argh! For fuck sake!"

See, there I go again, jumping the fence from whining to ranting. Swearing probably takes whining to ranting as well, right? Now speaking of swearing, I am probably the worst offender in the guild in terms of swearing on vent or via whispers in game. The boys are surprisingly very good about swearing while Vel is my swearing partner in crime from time to time. Though Vel's swearing tends to sound sweet and innocent in a way, even when she says "Oh, fuck me".

In comparison my swearing is definitely more angry, as I throw out "Fucking-ay" and "For fuck sake" in whispers or on vent. Jess has noted that I am especially bad when we are doing arenas, and that I have a way with putting in more u's than are actually in the word. When I'm in arenas, it's "Fuuuuck".

Anyways, I point all this out because I have an explanation. Apparently neuroscience research has found that swearing increases your tolerance to pain. Even more interesting was that they found differences between men and women. There was a greater effect of swearing decreasing perceived pain and increasing pain tolerance in women compared to men.

See! So my swearing is a protective mechanism to shield myself from the pain. And Vel and I swear more than the boys because we get more benefit from it. It's all explained by science!


  1. It helps to warm up by crying a little bit (work those tear ducts!), slouch, and think "oh poor poor me why is everything so against me?" If you feel a tinge of anger, try to refocus it as sadness. The world is out to get you and there's nothing you can do about it so anger won't help. So you weep through words. Try to remember when you were a child and at times would be so overcome with emotion that you could barely talk. The cookie jar is empty and you mother won't buy any candy and the TV is flickering and why won't dad fix it you don't care that he's at work.

  2. Actually, boes do drop in 10 man from trash... I had the ilvl 264 tanking gun drop in our 10 man along with something else that i forgot last week. Not from bosses, but i will take 264 loot to sell on the AH :)

  3. Yarrr!... eh, I mean QQ Moar!, sweet delicious tears are delicious!

    Hi K, tell the Claws I'm still around and kicking. Doing some yarrring and what-not in EVE Online. Internet spaceships are cool and tears can be transformed into 'wanted' bounties on your head which I have. 10 Million ISK to kill me currently.

    Looks like Cataclysm will be my return time to the world of Azeroth, New Eden has me mesmerized for right now.


  4. @Klep: Har har. You crack me up. Thanks for trying to help me whine.

    @Jessica: As I mentioned in the original post, 10 man boes from trash are NOT the same thing as 25 man bosses dropping boes every week. I have yet to see a boe trash drop in all the 10 man runs I've done.

    @Adamas: Ohai2u!!! K is consoling herself and explaining your absence by saying that Adamas has gone on vacation to the Emerald Dream. :)

  5. I think we've seen only one BoE drop from trash, and it was a night that K wasn't running with us. If I recall correctly it was a neck piece for our rogue.

    I like the BoE drops from bosses because it does add a bit more variety to the loot. We've been having to shard way too many epics lately.