Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Apparently I can't keep emails straight

When I started this blog, I created a related email account for keredria at gmail. (Though Shmoo says my email should be keredria@treemail.com Haha). Now, I've set that email account to automatically forward all emails to my personal gmail address so that I don't have to switch back and forth to read them. Sounds like a brilliant time saving plan, right?

Well, it may save time but what happens is that I often forget when I'm reading an email forwarded from the keredria account, that I'm reading it from my personal account. I'm good about initially sending emails from the keredria account, but then when I read responses, 95% of the time I forget and end up replying from my personal account, which then tags that email with my personal email address with my real full name.

I did this 2+ years ago when first trading emails with Jess, which is how Jess found out my full name and my ethnicity (Korean last name). I did this last year with a couple of other bloggers. I've also done this THREE times in just the past couple of days. Though I have a pretty common and widely used name so its not like anyone could find me out that easily. But still, /sigh.

While there's a bit of a facepalm effect, it cracks me up that I've done this as many times as I have. Apparently two separate email addresses is too much for me to keep straight.


  1. I am definitely going to start e-mailing you daily in hopes that you will one day mess up and I'll know your real e-mail. lol

  2. I don't switch back and forth. I open each e-mail in a different browser (one in chrome, one in firefox, one in IE). That way I can have all open at once.

    I have 3 e-mail accounts:
    1. Personal account with zomg real name
    2. wow account that I use for my battle-net merge and subscription stuff
    3. blog e-mail

    When I was setting up the blog, I realized I didn't want to give out my battle-net e-mail address because I had already been hacked once, so I made a new e-mail for the blog.

  3. Cranky is my new friend...and posted right after me....lol

    I wonder if I can open 2 different gmails in 2 different tabs in Firefox...or does it have to be 2 different browsers?

  4. Silly tree. At least you keep two different tanks straight.

    I'll hopefully be back on soon.

  5. In the gmail settings under accounts and import, you can select an option

    Reply from the same address the message was sent to

    That takes care of almost all cases besides new emails.

  6. Sigh. And all this time I thought I was special, but it turns out you'll give out your email address at the drop of a hat. My mother told me I'd meet druids like you.

  7. @fellcrow: Haha. I've already had sneaking blogging folk try to catch me in my nubcake-ness!

    @Fealen: Mmm but consider this... half the emails I screw up are responses from emails I sent out. :p But yeah, I can't seem to have two separate tabs open with separate email addresses.

    @crankyhealer: See, you are much more on top of this than I! I should start calling you smarthealer.

    @Nkm: Nkm! Get back soon my dear!

    @Pherra: Gawd I'm such a nubcake about this stuff. I'll have to check it out.

    @Jess: /sigh. Just /sigh.

  8. Create a filter for your Keredria mail, and label it Treemail (or something). Then, in Google Labs, enable Multiple Inboxes. Have your Treemail label be a second inbox. Voila! Problem solved. (I do this for my Aerie mail, as well as mail sent to a third address; couldn't be simpler.)

  9. I have the same problem -_-
    I had a one-copper.com mail adress but since godaddy messed it up i'm using a second gmail account that is also forwarded to my personal mail adress... sadly enough 50% of the time i'm too busy to remember to switch.. (too many to's here...)
    meh it happens, I don't think people will abuse it though since the mails we get are ussualy from ppl that actually like the blog.

  10. Count yourself lucky - my wow-related email address is linked to Snotty :P

  11. @Kestrel: Hooray! Thanks. I'll check it out.

    @Seth: Yeah, I'm less worried about people abusing it and more amused by the total nubcake-ness. I mean I have an email exchange with someone, then all of a sudden they get an email from my personal email address and they're like "Huh? What in the?"

    @Tam: Oh snap... that could cause some amusing mishaps. Where has Snotty been? I miss her.