Thursday, March 4, 2010

Real life suggestions for Cataclysm?

A long time ago, I did a post on possible real life inspirations for locales in WOW. As we wait for Cataclysm to come out, perhaps I can go the other way and suggest real life places that they could put in game? Today's suggestion:

This is Blood Falls, part of the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica. There is a lake trapped within this glacier that is very rich in iron, thus giving the waterfall coming out of the glacier its red color. Now it looks like there are going to be glaciers in southern Deepholm, a new zone for levels 82-84. Maybe they could put it there? Anyways, I thought Blood Falls was very cool and looked cataclysmic.

On another note, Tam has started a new guild for bloggers and readers and friends over on a EU server. Since we can't go play with them, Miss Medicina has started a US version of the guild Single Abstract Noun on Argent Dawn.

I will be starting a toon for this guild, as I think is a great way to chat with some of the folks I've conversed back and forth with. Now I just have to decide class and name. I mean I could go with a resto druid night elf named Keredria (originality! I haz it!) or I could go all crazy and go rogue or mage or something. I could perhaps go on the whole Kum/Kumquat theme of Tam's and create a white haired toon named Lychee or a green haired toon named Guava?


  1. Ah, Argent Dawn, my stomping grounds. I'm sure I could get around to helping those in there if necessary.

  2. That picture frightens me. More of an Bible-style Apocalypse than a Cataclysm though.

  3. @Nianal: Perhaps I'll see you around AD then!

    @Klep: Hmmm yeah... I can see where it could be a bit apocalyptic scary.

  4. You might find a Berutoo lurking over on AD now and again ;-)

  5. Tell me you are a green-haired nelf called Guava - tell me it's true! :)