Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making decisions is hard!

Now that we've unlocked heroic ICC 10, we're in a situation where we have to make decisions. Its very interesting how they've enabled hard modes in ICC in that you don't have to kill a boss on a hard mode to toggle the hard mode on the next boss.

So how do you make the decision to keep working on a certain hard mode as opposed to moving on to a supposed easier hard mode? Especially when you are soooo freakin close (2% on heroic Saurfang... damn you!) And then there's the question of how should we balance hard modes with just getting more Lich King kills. When a guild has just unlocked their first week of hard modes, I wonder if we should have spent the time working on them or sped through to LK again.

Mmmmm decisions. What did your guild do when first starting on hard modes?

Here's another hard decision to make. Which bear has the cutest ass?


  1. Definitely the one on the right :)

  2. We agreed at the beginning of the raid on 5 as the maximum number of 'good try' wipes before we set to easy mode and moved on, which worked well. We ignored the wipes caused by stupid mage blinking right into the boss before the tank started charging, and that wipe caused by healers forgetting to switch gear when they switched spec. Oddly enough, we got Marrow on the 5th try and Saurfang on the 5th try. Knowing that this is your last shot at the heroic loot table for a week has a real focusing effect.

  3. After we killed LK we started heroic modes, since that was the purpose of the guild when we created it. With this buff, they're actually easier than the guides make them sound. The only one we've had problems with is Saurfang, mainly due to a lack of ranged/the existing ranged failing. We're now stuck on Valithria, which should be easy but has been wiping us like crazy :( We also attempted Sindragosa and she HURT. The rest of the heroic modes (except LK of course) are dead.

    As for our LK normal kills, we usually try to do that on Monday (=our last raid before the reset) or on fail evenings (=when we don't have a proper team for heroic, we just clear on normal).

  4. I sez focus on chewing glass on hard mode fights, but Vyprania votes fer more Lich King kills. So we's no help at all.

  5. You, Keredria, always you!

    Your arse, err, kicks the arse of other arses!

  6. I can't tell who has the nicest ass, you're all wearing strap ons.

  7. this makes me giggle

  8. @Issy: Indi's arse does look awfully cute there in the semi side shot.

    @Anon: Hmmm good idea about pre agreeing to a certain number of wipes.

    @Jen: Yeah, maybe since it was just our first week, we'll learn to balance it better. But we didn't get to even see LK again last week because we got derailed by hard modes.

    @Ratters: Yep, I see both sides too. It's a conundrum, I tell ya!

    @Tam: aw /blush

    @River: /sigh

    @Rap: And of course Fonzy has to show off and fire his ass off. :)

  9. I like this post, I should be in the same position soon (this week). I really like the # of wipes suggestion, I will mention that to my RL.

  10. We didn't see the LK for 2-3 (4?) weeks after we unlocked heroic. We just worked on the heroics, switching to normal if heroic just wasn't working, and getting as far as we could. It wasn't very far for the first weeks :P

  11. Fronzy's is definitely the warmest.

  12. All the bears are cute!
    5 attempts isn't a bad idea, although what I'd recommend is working on them specifically in this order (with maybe a 15 attempt cap on your 'designated' progression boss):
    Marrowgar (skip HM LDW - ewwwwww she's difficult)
    Gunship (Should be a one-shot)
    Blood Council

    This is roughly the order of degree of difficulty for most guilds, and if you spend 15 attempts you'll have time to learn the HM fight, make mistakes, and hopefully succeed. If not, you can do normal kills, get your clear, and come back next week.

    Good luck!