Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dominating Wintergrasp

I used to be in Wintergrasp a ton. A ton. I've cut back on my WG runs a lot, though I do try to get in there at least once or twice a week. In the past I've read a number of posts around the blogosphere about how Horde dominate Wintergrasp on their server.

Well on Drenden, alliance dominate WG (woots Ally!), and has for a while. It's gotten to the point where a good number of WG runs turn into the Alliance pushing the Horde to their one graveyard and just racking of HKs. Sometimes I feel a little bad, but then memories of Horde camping the starting graveyards in Arathi or Warsong come flashing back, then I don't feel so bad anymore.

So our WG dominance is somewhat surprising given that on our Emberstorm battlegroup, the Horde pretty much dominate the BGs. Though, I do have to say that the chance of an Alliance team winning seems to have gone up with the advent of the random daily BG. We even win Strand of the Ancients a decent amount now! ZOMG!

Anyways, I'm not sure if the Horde on Drenden don't care about it anymore given no one really needs much from VOA or what. The Horde do tend to have about 5 tenacity in WG lately. But even when VOA dropped coveted drops, Alliance still won the majority of WGs. Let's take a look at Archavon's log from a couple days ago:

I was surprised to see that the difference is in defending WG. Hmmm. Anyways, for all the talk I've seen on the interwebs about Horde dominating WG, not so on Drenden!

There will probably be a break from posting for a bit as I am taking an extended holiday weekend. I'll be flying down to Chapel Hill, then driving up to DC. Speaking of driving, for all you Hello Kitty haters, check out this awesomeness:


  1. Pfft. Alliance DOMINATE on Cenarius.


    I used to love it when LB was Night Elf. Now I spend more time in our grave yard, along with the rest of us -all 20 of us- because the Alliance has managed to corner us THAT far.

  2. I am ALL TOO FAMILIAR WITH THIS STATISTIC, KEREDRIA. Hahaha. Yeah, WG on Drenden as Horde is utterly painful. Usually in the course of a week I'll see us with it twice while I'm online. And while that's usually enough for me (only two 80s) it still sucks!

  3. I've found that we usually have WG really early in the morning, 2-4 am usually. But in a good week, we have it more than twice a week, sometimes even at a decent time of the day.

  4. @LB: You went Horde? Since when? Awww. So many of the druid bloggers are Horde. Though I think of you guys as friends, so I tend to think that you guys are night elves on the inside who just happen to be wearing a cow costume.

    @Rades: Well you got to give us Alliance something Rades... you guys pretty much own the BGs!

    @Aituair: It seems on most servers one sides dominates. I wonder if there's any where its really more 50/50.

  5. The owner of that car does not deserve it and should give it to me.

  6. Isn't drenden about 50/50 population wise? I never noticed more alliance than horde there, but I think alliance has more of a raiding presence, and more coordination than horde does.
    And even though I'm a guy, I'd take that car in a heartbeat, and not even take off the hello kitty.

  7. Darnkness/DevinewrathJuly 12, 2010 at 9:48 PM

    I did not even notice at first, but even the exhaust pipes are Hell Kitty. The owner of that car is insane or has a silly daughter.

  8. So yes, I'm getting caught up on my blog reading. :)
    Kere, the number of captures is 'always' going to be around 50-50.
    You can only capture it if you don't have it, and you don't have it ONLY if they capture it.
    All you have to do is capture it back, and any WG imbalances will be reflected in how many times you can keep it!