Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blocked blog and recounting guild history

It's been kind of a crazy week getting back into the swing of things. I finished my previous project that I was assigned to since November '08 and started another one that should take me through October. The only bad thing about this is that things are crazy learning the ins and out of this new client, doing hospital tours, and having to do hard core data analysis and financial models again.

But the worst thing? Well I'm working out of our corporate offices for this new client. And get this! My blog is blocked there! ZOMG! WTF! BBQ! (Mmmm BBQ) Jess' blog isn't blocked there! No fair! I'm not sure what this is going to mean for my blog posting schedule because as I've previously mentioned, I do 99% of my blog posting at work. So what? I'm supposed to work now?!?! /sigh I'm going to have to figure out how to work this. As Jess said, the blog must go on!

Anyways, it's been nice getting back into the game as well. Jess and I did a pretty big debrief the first night we were both back on. It's been interesting because now you have this perspective of people outside the game. I think one of the sweetest things for me was seeing how my guildies interact with others, their spouses and especially their children. I saw another side of them.

On one of the nights during Clawcon, Jess and I somehow ended up recounting the entire history of our guild going back to spring of 2007. Recounting old names, situations, and yes, because no guild is ever without it, drama. As we recounted the moments of drama in the guild over the last 3 and a half years, something occurred to me.

I would say that 95% of the drama in our guild has been due to one thing: healers. Yep, healers. Or more specifically, the lack of healers. I think for most of our guild's raiding history, we've been short heals, given that a lot of our raids at the time required 3 healers. And because of this, we've allowed people and situations to persist that should have been dealt with earlier. Our ever present need for healers meant we had people in our raiding group that just weren't right for us. I think sometimes we were too slow to react and turtle like, and perhaps others we were too frenetic and bunny like.

I am hopeful that now that we recognize this, we can try to limit drama from happening in the future. But damn, I just wish we had more heals. Things would be so much easier. But I think by recounting our entire guild history, Jess and I also were able to talk through things we did, decisions we made, and how we've dealt with people and situations. I hope that by understanding this better, we can do a better job in the future.


  1. I feel your pain regarding your blog being blocked at work.
    Our IT department totally lowered the hammer last week and blocked anything classed as games, so out goes every blog I read in my lunch break, the Wow forums, Ala and my guild forums. Like you I did a lot of my blogging at work so now I am having to type up thoughts and mail them back to myself to post when I get home.

    I am just glad I am not raid leading anymore as I used to sort out a lot of raids at work as well!


  2. Write the posts at work, email them to yourself, schedule them at home.

  3. Yeah. I've healed almost as much as I've tanked in WotLK. I'm thinking that mages need to have a healing spec. Then we'd be fine.

    I think we've come a long way in WotLK in terms of guild management/leadership, although a good part of that is to the credit of the folks in the guild as well.

  4. Goddamn healers, they just can't be trusted ;)

  5. Another thought: I'm guessing Blogger probably has a post-by-email interface (where you generate a unique email address @ blogger, then send email to it to post). That might work for posts you absolutely must make straight away.

  6. Too soon fer ta be makin promises, but is a 21st season holy pally on Drenden what seem ta be doing well as a full-time healer. Just really hopings ta see the end of Wailing Caverns soons....

  7. Interestingly enough it looks like I can post at work, but I can't comment on my own blog. Weird. Plus I am too inpatient to write ahead of time and post to publish at a later time. Hmm... I may just start posting on a more erratic schedule than I previously have.

    @Tam: I know! Us healers are always causing troubles.

    @Ratters: Go go 80 go! :)