Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holy crap!

We finally did it! Our little 10 man guild got the Lich King down last week! I think the kill had several factors to it.

First, we had the same 10 man crew working at him for the third consecutive raid night. Typically our raids fluctuate a bit, with maybe 80% of the raid being constant. But I think that finally having a crew where everyone had seen and experienced the fight several several times really helped. Plus, having the same 10 man crew meant that we communicated well and knew what to expect from each other.

Second, there was definitely a luck component to it. I think getting two dps, Darc and Indi, as opposed to healers, sucked into the Frostmourne was a huge help. Oh, and our lock Buns got picked up by the Valkyr a couple times which is always helpful as well. It was always cute when Buns would get picked up and folks would start running, to which Buns would be like "No, no, its ok guys, its me!" then use her demonic puppet show thing.

Third, everything is better with druids, isn't it? And we had three druids. Having those extra innervates really helped me since I was always riding the edge with mana. Oh and 3 battlerezes rocks. Even if it makes Jess freak out and call out something like "Indi! Indi! B-b-b-b-" when asking Indi to brez Darc. Plus don't forget that druids up the awesomely cute quotient by like a bazillion.

This is the first time our little guild has finished an end of expansion boss. And as we don't do 25 mans, for us this is it. Well except for hard modes, I guess. I am very much looking forward to seeing some gear upgrades drop off some of the hard modes of lower bosses in ICC. The heroic version of the staff of Saurfang makes me drool a little: Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff.

Anyways, I'm excited our guild finished ICC. We finished Kara as a guild a little over two years ago. Then came Naxx, Ulduar, and ToC. I'm incredibly proud that the guild has remained constant through raids, through time, through real life, through people coming and going. We've never been a guild that is going to push to compete for server firsts. But we've raided our way amongst a group of crazy friends, and for that, I'm proud.

Now we just have to get the folks who missed the kill their Kingslayer titles!


  1. Way to go! Congrats on the kill! :D

  2. Well done! I too feel really good about actually completing content before the next expansion comes out. (Well apart from Halion, but I think he will die as soon as the summer lull goes away). It felt so far off at the end of TBC (in fact, I've still not finished those bits - not done BT or SWP ever).

    I'm really pleased for you and your guild!

  3. Was ver ver exciting when Vyp logged in Saturday morning and saw the announcement in the Guild Message of the Day. Was too bad she weren't on-line at the time fer the achievement spam.

  4. Yay! Now you can beat your head against hardmodes for weeks, but at least you'll be all sexy with your title.

  5. Grats K!!!!

    What a huge achievement! I'm so excited for you guys! And just in time for Clawcon! That's like...5 beers worth of celebration, at least! (or like 10 Peachbellinis!).

    Good Luck with your hard modes!

  6. Thank you so much everyone!

    @Sephrenia: Yep, since most of us started played after BC came out, we never saw the end of BC either.

    @Ratters: We'll have to definitely get Vyp in front of the LK soon!

    @Aituair: I know... how exciting for us to go back to beating our heads in ICC again...

    @Beru: OMG you have to come meet up with us at Clawcon and make us these famous peach bellinis.

  7. Pfft Nerfed Content. :P

    Just kidding, Congo Rats.

  8. Awesome job :) We downed him on the 23rd, and will be going in for our 2nd week of hard modes this week. Similar setup: small guild, 80% regular, finally managing to get a couple solid nights in a row and work him down. Getting him down felt great :) Hope hard modes go well, and grats on beating the game :)

  9. Hard-modes are fun to a certain point, but when you get to fights like HM putricide? Lets just say I'm happy to sit guildless and not want to slam my head into a desk on that fight.

  10. Awesome, congrats to you and your guild, Keredria! I really enjoy hard modes myself, I hope you all like sinking your collective teeth into them. :D

  11. Holy flaming congrats Batman. I've never read a "woot we did this post" that made my happier - you guys thoroughly deserved your victory!

  12. Grats on the kill and the title!

  13. Thanks everyone!

    @Christopher Schmidt: Grats to you guys as well! Always awesome to hear about other guilds like ours.

    @Tam: Aw, you are always so sweet to me. ;)

  14. GRATS!!!!
    It does indeed feel good to get it done, and Lichy is a tough bastard.

    I, too, started playing during BC and never got an end of expansion boss. (well, I joined a top-50 guild in time for it's second Illidan kill, but left before they cleared Sunwell). Even during this expansion, I still haven't killed Algalon nor gone back to do HM BettleBoy in TOGC. SO, yeah, killing Lich King is fantastic!
    I still love killing him each week.
    Personally, I think it does offer that 'epic' feel to the kills.