Friday, July 9, 2010

Left Claw's Ruby Sanctum pic

Since last week we were too focused on finishing off the Lich King, this week we decided to go pay a visit to a purty purple dragon. Unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot of this kill, thus I had to recreate the event via a drawing.

If you look at the reenactment drawing closely you'll see:
* a crazy white bear
* a warrior tank who loves to lecture
* a mage with a zoo full of pets and mounts
* a mage with pink bubblegum stuck in his beard
* a shammy bringing the chain and the healz
* a big ass shammy squishing a tiny mechanostrider
* a ret pally never without his coffee
* a dress wearing holy pally boy
* a warlock never without her glass of wine
* and finally to round it out, a tree!

I should really remember to take the screenshots so I don't have to subject you guys to reenactment drawings.


  1. haha i love this drawing. way better than a screenshot.

  2. I could only hope you forget to take more screenshots, this is a gem!


  3. *cheers* I've had to "reenact" killpics before. They're so much more fun this way :D

  4. love this hehe I want to see a boomkin drawing sometime.

  5. Hmmm... getting feisty again with the dress comments, eh? Mamma had a saying, Plant-Girl: You wanna play those kinda games, you're gonna win those kind of prizes. ;)