Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pop quiz

I think we’re all well aware that there are a ton of pop culture references in WoW. A ton. Here is just a smidget of the pop references in game that I found interesting and didn't know were there, bundled up for you into a quiz.

1. One of the DK starter quests, Tonight We Dine in Havenshire, references what action movie?

2. In Eastern Plaguelands, there is an NPC named Father Inigo Montoy. One of the copper coins you can fish up from the Dalaran fountain is also called Inigo’s Copper Coin, marked "I wish I had my father back..." These two reference what classic movie?

3. Natalie Tootiblare, a guard in the underbelly of Dalaran is a reference to one of the 3 main characters from what TV series?

4. In Borean Tundra, you can pick up a quest called The Nefarious Clam Master, where you must defeat Clam Master K. What member and group is this quest referring to?

5. In Dragonblight we find an NPC named Agent Skully in New Hearthglen and an NPC named Deathguard Molder at Venomspite. What TV series are they referencing?

6. The Gladiator's Greatsword is identified as having been crafted to Proximo’s specification. This is a reference to what action movie?

7. In Alterac Valley, the alliance commanders are named Ichman, Slidore, and Vipore, while the Horde’s commanders are named Guse, Jeztor, and Mulverick. These names are similar to characters from what 80s movie?

8. In Dire Maul West, a rare spawn called Tsu’zee can appear beside two Wailing Banshees. What band does this reference?

9. The two councilmen in Darkshire are named Berrybuck and Millstipe, a reference to the members of what classic band?

10. If you talk to Archmage Vargoth in Netherstorm several times, he will say

"Plenty of room at the cursed Violet Tower
Any time of year, you can find me here
Some scried to remember, some scried to forget
And still their voices are calling from far away, waking me up in the middle of the night"

This is a reference to what famous song and band?

There are also a ton of literature references. Hmmm, perhaps that will be another post.


  1. 1. 300
    2. The Princes Bride
    3. The Facts of Life
    4. Grand Master of the KKK
    5. X Files
    6. Gadiator
    7. Top Gun
    8. Siouxsie and the Banshees
    9. R.E.M
    10. Hotel California by The Eagles

  2. @McRaffles: All correct except for #4... think hip hop...

  3. I believe #4 is Jam Master Jay, from Run DMC.

  4. I'd still prefer a quest where you got to hunt down and kill the Grand Master of the KKK, maybe it's just me :)

  5. @Maerdred: ding ding ding!

    @McRaffles: :)

    I can't believe all the million times I've run AV, I missed the Top Gun reference.

  6. Mulverick is at the flight quests for the Nether Dragons also right?

  7. There's an Indiana Jones one in Grizzly Hills. You help a certain Harrison Jones with a certain signature hat escape from the trolls. Just to add to your list

  8. Isn't the quote 'Tonight we dine in Hell' from Plato originally or am I imagining things?

  9. @SirFWALGMan: Hmmm, I don't know, is there a Mulverick there too?

    @Anon: Yep, I think I remember him. There are soooo many pop references that I tried to choose some that others may not have known.

    @SixofHearts: I have no clue... perhaps that is where the movie got it from?

  10. one of my personal favorite pop culture references involves the bankers in stormwind...that being said, I rather enjoy figuring out the more obscure ones in the game