Friday, May 7, 2010

I would totally live here!

Check out this little church in Kyloe, in the county of Northumberland, England.

Cute, eh? Doesn't it look like something we'd totally come across in WoW? St. Nicholas Church was a Georgian church, built in 1792. The church was deconsecrated in 1984 and a couple bought the church for £92,000 in 2001. Over 8 years this couple spent £300,000 on it to convert it to a 5 bedroom house! Check out the amazing pictures:

Incredible, eh? It was listed for £650,000 a couple years ago. The only thing that creeps me out a little bit is this couple's use of their yard:

Links here and here.


  1. OMG, that kitchen! And your own cemetery! I'm in love!

  2. It feels wrong to me. And lounging in a cemetery just puts you first in line for the zombie uprising.

  3. if the cemetry was just a little further away..

    Oh! Crpypts.. if it had a Crypt inside.. perfect wine cellar

  4. I love people who do these type of conversions it looks amazing. Though walking the dog outside at night could be a bit creepy!

    One I saw years ago was someone who converted an old Victorian water tower into a 3 story house with a garden on the roof. The lowest window was 20ft up and the main door looked like a castle gate. It was amazing and I sooo wanted to live there but the 1 million pound price take was a bit of a streach at 15 years old :)


  5. @Grimmtooth: I know! What an incredible kitchen, eh?

    @Klep: The zombie uprising? Lawl.

    @Pugnacious: Oh.. a crypt wine cellar! Great idea!

    @Zetter: Totally. While I think the place is just stunning (I especially love the bathroom), I bet its definitely a bit creepier at night.