Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gear inspirations from Lady Gaga?

A couple months back I gave some helm design suggestions from the high end fashion world, specifically Philip Treacy. Well, here are some gear suggestions, inspired by Lady Gaga.


Totally disc priest. Bubbles!

Feral druid:

Shadow priest?

Fire mage?

*Edit: As awesomely suggested by Erinys, Shaman (frogs are hexed!) or Hunter (Frogstalker)

*Edit: As astutely suggested by Jasyla: Death Knights!


  1. That last one is totally death knight.

  2. @Jasyla: Awmigawd! You're so right! The hello kitty dress IS totally death knight! :)

  3. The next-to-last one is clearly someone trying to do the dang "kiss a zillion frogs" daily from the Argent Tourney...

  4. @Ratshag: Haha, true.

    @Dwism: I know! She got it down pat.

    Though if we are going to put the DKs in the Hello Kitty dress, then I think its only right that we put the other class we love to poke fun at in the Kermit outfit. Hunters!

  5. The frog one is clearly Shaman tier 11. Lots of little hexed corpses all sewn together.

    Although Hunters could be a possibility. After all we've seen Dragonstalker, Gronnstalker, Giantstalker and now it's time for Frogstalker!

  6. @Erinys: Oh my gosh, brilliant! The frogs are hexed! Totally!

    Though hunter gear as frogstalker... LAWL.

  7. Mages been dressing up like Lady Gaga before there was even a Lady Gaga. Blizz should sue her.

  8. Do rogues HAVE to have another gimp mask?

  9. @River: Haha. You crazy mages...

    @Khol Drake: Yes, you will take your gimp mask and like it, ok? I don't know why, but when I think about rogue gear, S&M gear comes to mind for some reason...

  10. It's the leather, probably. But ~I~ should be the one with the whip!