Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More '80s flashbacks

Those of you who grew up with me in the '80's may find this just as amusing as I did. First, an Improv group set up a famous re-creation at the New York Public Library.

What I found particularly interesting and innovative, was that this stunt was initially planned by the library's marketing department to help bring buzz to the library, which is currently facing a huge budget cut.

Secondly, did you play Street Fighter as a kid? Well, gavacho13 on deviantART has drawn very cute drawings combining Street Fighter characters with Sesame Street! My favorites:

Look how badass Big Bird looks!


  1. ahahaha I love it!

    Man, that is one kickass big bird! Although Piggy looks like she could kick some butt too!

  2. Big Bird looks bad, as in ouch bad, but not as bad as Barney did on SNL with Charles Barkley.

    Great post as usual K.