Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Left Claw's musical ICC

Last week was Kalthan's last week of playing WoW. Thus, I wanted to plan a little something different for his last raid with us and planned a musical ICC run. Now we did a musical Kara run back in the day, what 2 years ago? I remember choosing Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy for Attumen, Mr. Roboto for Curator, and Dire Straits' Romeo and Juliet for Opera. For some reason we didn't do a musical Ulduar or ToC.

In planning the musical ICC run for Kal, I got a couple great suggestions from Bell's post a couple months back. But I also tried to pick songs that I personally liked and tried to expand my options by thinking of songs that may fit boss mechanics/raid instructions. So here's what was played:

1. Marrowgar: Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round
2. Deathwhisper: Eagles - Witchy Woman
3. Gunship: Elton John - Rocket Man
4. Saurfang: U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
5. Festergut: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
6. Rotface: Van Morrison - Come Running
7. Putricide: Britney Spears - Toxic
8. Blood Council: Police - Don't Stand So Close to Me
9. Blood Queen: Def Leppard - Love Bites
10. Dreamwalker: Cranberries - Dreaming my Dreams
11. Sindragosa: Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

It was fun though because we learned some more facts about each other, like the fact that Shmoo has an adverse reaction to Witchy Woman and my guildies heard about how much I was in love with Def Leppard back in the day. A couple of guildies lost heals from me when they talked bad about Van Morrison and the song for Dreamwalker was partly for Jess, who is a big Cranberries fan. I think I also seriously pained a number of guildies by making them listen to Britney for Putricide (a great great suggestion by Nikolai).

All in all, it was a nice change of pace from our typical ICC runs and it was a fun way to commemorate Kal's last run.


  1. This is....awesome!

    I love "Loves Bites" for blood queen! hah!

  2. After listening through the Glee 3rd soundtrack, I gotta say, I like "Bad Romance" for Lana'Thel, too :) and for Princes, "Gives you hell"... haha.

    I love your guild's playlist, though!

  3. @Beru and Kae: Yep, it was fun. Ooh, Bad Romance! :)

    I got a little distracted during Blood Queen though because I had visions of pegged acid washed jeans and threw up in my mouth a little bit. What the heck were we thinking back then?!?!

  4. Oh I like Bell's suggestion of Oingo Boingo's Weird Science for Putricide! I'm ashamed to admit that I sorta like Toxic.

    I was a little disappointed that K didn't use any of my suggestions, but the Cranberries song made up for it.

  5. @Niniel: I think of you as one of the most musical trees in the blogosphere, so I'm glad you approve. :)

    @Jess: Ya, it was kinda funny (for me I guess, maybe not you) that I asked you for suggestions, but then used none of them. So typical WoW wife of me maybes...

  6. aww..sorry I missed it..good choices!