Friday, May 21, 2010

Friendship in a world of fantasy

I think it still surprises me sometimes how I've found myself in a guild of people who raid together because they are friends. After our raid last night, folks stayed on vent for a while just to chat. It started with a discussion of the personal life of our dirty dirty priest Nikolai/Sam. While it started with dirty stories (always a good place to start), it led to some other talk of general real life stuffs.

Having been in this guild for over three years now, we've been together throughout life's highs and lows... kids, school, moves, jobs gained and lost, and love found and lost. I think I mentioned before that a couple years ago, I felt that the perceived anonymity of the internet helped me to be able to open up to Jess more. I don't think I'm the only one. I'm glad we're here for each other in that way.

Does this means our raids are always honky dory and all just butterflies and kittens and glitter? Um, no. Much like a family, we can drive each other crazy. I also think that this closeness can have positives and negatives from a raiding standpoint. Because we are friends, sometimes it can be hard to have certain conversations. But on the other hand, sometimes difficult conversations can be easier to have because we are friends. Did I just make a huge circle here? Hmmm... but you understand what I mean, right?

Ok, before I get any more dizzy, some screenshots.

Sometimes the stress of tanking gets to be too much, and Shmoo just needs to cuddle up to someone. Here is an old SS of Shmoo spooning with Nicolause:

A while back 5 of us randomly found ourselves at the Dalaran bank. Here we are plotting to overthrow Jess. I think Nkm just made a great suggestion or something, given how I'm looking at him.

One tree is awesome. Two trees is double awesome.


  1. On the first topic, I think people become closer in different ways to the people they raid with, especially if you've been with them for so long. In a raiding scenario, you have to trust the people you're with to do what they need to, while in a casual relationship, you don't really need to trust people. Also, gnomes are dastardly little buggers, he is planning on taking over the world, just saying.

  2. The last screenshot makes me think you should make a sister guild called "The Right Claw".

  3. Klep, I had that exact same thought looking at that... but maybe it should be hordeside? =)

  4. @Aituair: I would honestly be ok in a world taken over by gnomes. I love them little cute buggers. I really need to do a gnomes are awesome post.

    @Klep and Kayeri: It would be funny if there was a Horde side guild called the Right Claw. We are the Left Claw because its the left claw that's bigger and meatier on certain animals.

  5. Gnomes are too diabolical, it isn't right with all their tiny little arms, crazy hair styles and just overall cuddliness. Evil I say, just like those furby things, evil.