Friday, May 14, 2010

Linkage to end a tough week

I think I've mentioned before that I typically blog at work. While I'll often come up with my ideas for the posts elsewhere, the bulk of my actual writing is done at work. Also, this is the main reason why you hardly ever see me post on the weekends. Weekends are for playing damnit! Weekdays are for writing about playing.

So when I actually have to do work at work, I kinda go "What the crap?!?!". Seriously. Anyways, this week has been like that and I've been irritated and tired. Quick easy post with two links to end the week.

First, Keeva put together an incredible Resto Druid guide on her site. I've permanently added it to my links section on the right. It's definitely the most accurate, comprehensive, and detailed, yet still beautiful and easy to read/comprehend guide out there. And she even did some crazy wowhead linkage! Go there. Now.

Second, I've had the Psychology of Video Games linked for a while. For any of you fellow geeks whose interest is peaked by hearing such terms as sunk costs, loss aversion, prisoner's dilemma, and game theory, go check it out. Some very interesting reads on how some of these concepts relate to video games. Check out their archived list of all posts.

Here's to an easier week next week!


  1. I feel exactly the same as you, the majority of my blogging and blog-reading is done during downtime at work! Sometimes I am at home thinking about writing something and it just seems off. Same with weekends. Ah well.

  2. "So when I actually have to do work at work, I kinda go "What the crap?!?!". Seriously."


    I know it's secretly evil of us, but I like to think I'm adding to the sum total of human knowledge, which is worth far more than mere dental insurance! :)

  3. @Rades: Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    @Keeva: You deserve all the kudos for your guide Keeva!

    @Disciplinary Action: Awmigawd, lol. We ARE adding to the sum total of human knowledge. :p

  4. K,
    I, too am an 'in-between-the-lines' work blogger!
    And I fully agree that weekends are for gaming/playing!
    That, and honeydew lists. >.>