Thursday, April 1, 2010

To the glory of the tanks?

Let's just take this day to set things straight. While I have spent time on this blog and in game giving tanks crap and joking about their low intelligence, its time to come forward with how it really is... how I really feel... the truth.

Tanks are incredibly brilliant leaders, holding raids together with their amazing prowess and skill. Their talent and intelligence just radiates outward, inspiring the rest of the raid. All raid successes are clearly due to the tanks' extraordinary expertise of their tanking craft. Thus, tanks deserve the utmost consideration, respect, and veneration for their gallantry and artistry. All glory to the tanks!

Excuse me while I turn my head to try to keep my breakfast down. Geez, I couldn't even keep up this little April Fool's joke for more than a paragraph. In all actuality, just replace everything I wrote in that second paragraph with the word healers and there my friends, is the real truth.

Happy April Fools Day! :p


  1. Finally, we get the RESPECT and DEFERENCE we deserve.

    Oh it's a joke? Tank not like joke. Tank angry. Tank smash. Tank not tank for puny healer. Tank angry!

  2. the truth will set you free! LOL!

  3. Pff...everyone knows it's the DPS that wins fights :D

  4. So... I love healing. But the more I tank, the more I like it, K. What does that make me?