Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peeps and basketball

Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. To me Easter isn't Easter without some Peeps of the marshmallow variety. Though these are some naughty peeps:

Haha, the peeps have on pasties and thongs.

I am actually recovering on two fronts. One, I'm recovering on a physical end because I came down with one of those 24 hour stomach flu type bugs which resulted in half a day of puking, then a day of achiness, feeling like someone beat the crap out of me. Not fun. Thus, I missed our guild's first look at Sindragosa but I heard we did well for a first look.

Secondly, I am recovering on an emotional end because fucking Duke (yes, FUCKING) won the national championship last night. Crazy to think that a year ago I was in Chapel Hill taking part in Carolina's national championship celebration, and here we are a year later and the evil fuckers Duke has won. /cry

If you think about a basketball team, I think there could be some similarities with roles in WoW. Ranged dps? Shooting guards. Melee dps? Forwards. Tanks? Centers. Healers? Point guards. Why? Because we're the smart ones, the vocal floor leaders who are running the show. =)


  1. 2 words.



  2. @River: You're a Duke fan? Oh this explains everything...

  3. If only Gordon Heyward had eaten one less Wheatie flake for breakfast - that half-court heave would have found the bottom of the net.