Friday, April 23, 2010

A number of game firsts

Oh goodness, I'm drained kids, just drained. Last night was an exhausting night of firsts. Let's examine.

1. "The IQ of the raid has gone down"

We did 6 bosses last night in a raid setup that was a first for me. It was the first time in my raiding history that we ran in a guild makeup where I was the only female raider. Perhaps to some that isn't unusual, but for us, it is. There was clearly a noticeable and pronounced decline in intelligence, maturity, and general awesomeness.

2. Welcome Vyp!

Last night was the first night Ratshag's DK Vyp ran with us a bit in ICC. Now as I told him last night, when he first told me that he was looking at possibly bringing a DK over to run with us from time to time, my heart stopped. Why? Well because for a second I thought that he may be bringing over Maurice, the death nugget of looove. And I wondered how in the world I would be able to pay attention during raids in the company of the death nugget of looove. I would be too busy swooning or something. I mean, come on!

Anyways, I hope Vyp had a good time. One thing that Ratters saw that hasn't changed from two years ago when he ran with us in Kara is the fact that Jess and I still argue with each other a bit during raids. I'm sure it was comforting to Ratshag to see that really nothing has changed from back in the day.

3. Yay Putricide!

So we got down Blood Princes and Blood Queen maybe back in February? Early March? And we did Dreamwalker maybe a month ago. And we are so very close to getting Sindragosa. But for some reason, Putricide had become our Shade of Aran where we just couldn't get it right. Some weeks we didn't even want to deal with him so we'd just go on to work on Sindragosa.

But something just clicked last night, because we waltzed in and one shot him so incredibly easily like we'd done it a million times. Just as easily as we one shot Festergut and Rotface, which we've done forever now. It was crazy!

4. My first tears in this game

After we finished Putricide, Kalthan shared with us on vent that he would be quitting the game soon. He talked about why it was the right time in his life to do so, but how hard it was to leave because of the friendships he's made in this game. And as he was talking, and other guildies chimed in with words of support and encouragement, I shed my first tears due to this game.

I will definitely miss Kalthan and his trusty sidekick Kayles. Who will now flirt shamelessly with the ladies? Who will bicker back and forth with Shmoo? Who will stand by me to always grab any mobs that the tanks may have missed? Kal better try his darndest to come to West coast Clawcon, and if not the Mid-west Clawcon!

I wasn't surprised that people were incredibly supportive about his decision. While I am incredibly sad that he won't be playing anymore, I, like everyone else, completely understand and respect his decision. A number of people talked about being genuinely happy and excited for him as he starts this next chapter in his life.

I know that its a given that people come and go within the game, just like in life, friends come in and out of your life. But I think this is the first time for us that a long time guildie is permanently leaving the game. As Jess and I talked about last night, we all became friends because we raided together. But sometime ago, that turned into us raiding together BECAUSE we are friends.

Last night was definitely a good reminder of what we really mean when we say that we continue playing this game because of the people and the friendships we've built in this game. Sam said to me that while sometimes it can hit you how much time you spend in this game, you realize the value that you take from the social interactions. And it really isn't much different from spending a night chatting with friends on the phone, or at the bar, or in your living room. That Sammy... when he isn't busy sexually harassing the boys in our guild, he really does have some good insights to share!

I think Kal is around for one more raid week and perhaps a couple days after that. I am going to have to brainstorm stuff to do for him in game. Some appropriate Kal send off. Hmmm...


  1. Congrats on the Putricide kill!

    I hate when people leave the game. Although it's usually the right choice for them, it's sad for all the people they leave behind.

  2. Vyp reported back what she had an exileratingified time. She's hard at work now, cuttin' gems fer her new gear. And big hairy congo rats and getting Herr Doktor Putrilicious down!

  3. woo grats on the prof kill!

  4. Actually it was 7 bosses to be sure, four in the lower spire (if you want to call Gunship a "boss"), and then Festergut, Rotface, and Putricide.

    I don't think Ratshag got the full experience. You and I hardly argued at all last night. I was actually feeling a little unfulfilled. Maybe if he saw us after a dozen wipes on something...

    The Putricide fight was strangely anticlimatic in comparison to how it's gone before, but it seemed strangely fitting that we'd one-shot him the same night that Kal told us of his decision -- an evening of endings and beginnings I suppose.

  5. Oh yes...Vel came in for the 7th/Putricide fight. Nevermind. You know I can't count or read.

  6. Hooray for sexual entendre and social wisdom!