Monday, April 19, 2010

More facebook madness and tree guilt

I mentioned in my Clawcon post last week that there has been an "orgy of facebooking" within the guild lately. Well, the orgy has gotten even bigger. Huge! I think pretty much every single one of our raiders is connected now.

So what does it mean? You find out more about people, you discover real names, and see pictures. But does it change how we interact or relate with each other? Well, sure there's the occasional hilarious and sexual innuendo laced Sammy comment. And sure, some folks' RL gear may have been somewhat unexpected, mainly because you just didn't know what to expect.

But the basis of our relationships were already previously set, as people who came together within a common hobby of the game. So no, I don't think the facebook orgy changed necessarily what we thought of each other. If anything, I think it can make us feel closer to each other. I'm wondering what kind of impact actually meeting people will have.

I need to pause here to publicly give kudos to Nkm for putting a pic up on his facebook profile. Hooray Nkm! He said that the public shaming on this blog was a good tactic. So thus I shall try to use the same angle to get Nicolause to do the same. A picture! In uniform! Using a cell phone camera! Doooo eeettt!

This leads me to the other half of this post topic. Tree guilt. So let's just say that someone hasn't been able to raid with you lately, or someone is doing something you don't like. It turns out that I've become pretty good with turning on the tree guilt. I'll say something like "OMG, this tree is so so sad". Then they get a mental image of our tree form graphic crying, and with a heart that is broken, they do what I say (/points at Nikolai). Tree guilt is especially powerful when it comes from a female tree.

Finally, we did a quick daily yesterday within the guild and to prepare myself for Cataclysm, I healed the instance in nightelf form. Weird. In a raid this past week I also said something about stacking on the tree since we may not be able to do it anymore! Sad.

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