Thursday, April 29, 2010

Having fun is a lot of work

Phew. I'm tired kids, I'm tired. This has been quite a dramatic blogging week, eh? I started to feel kinda bad (tree goes grrr, then does a little tree guilt) after reading Beruthiel's comment on my post from Tuesday, along with Larisa's post today.

Let me say this. I don't think a 25 man raider can understand how strict 10 raiders have felt this entire expansion. So if our blog posts this week seem vindicated, well yeah, I would surmise that a lot of us feel that way. To us, this change seems to legitimize our choice to take a different (and as Beru stated, not better or worse, just different) path to raiding.

But I will also readily admit this. Strict 10 man raiders can't understand how a 25 man raider may feel about this changes. I understand that. Like I commented on my own post yesterday, of course a lot of these feelings of these changes depend on your own perspective. And perhaps in sharing your perspective, it may seem to others that you are putting down their perspective.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here. Maybe its that we're coming to this with our own perspectives and that not all voices championing one path are putting down the other path. Maybe it seems that way depending on the perspective you are reading it from. The voices from this discussion that I have actually been most intrigued by have been those of the 25 man raiders who think that this could improve 25 man raiding as well.

Quick side story. I was joking around with some fellow consultants the other day because a female colleague brought in some Luna bars. Do you know what Luna bars are?

Look on the top part of that bar there, where it says "nutrition bar for women". So one of the male consultants decided to try one, and we were joking around that his voice may go up or that his skin would get softer. But then we really looked at the ingredients in it and its not like there's estrogen in there. Besides your general list of vitamins and stuff there is calcium and folic acid, which yeah are important for women. But its not like calcium and folic acid aren't good for men.

Basically here's my hope for this change. Let's hope that the raid change will be like a Luna Bar. I think that the change will be more beneficial to 10 man raiders, but let's hope that it doesn't hurt, and is beneficial to 25 man raiders as well. Did I just make an analogy on the raiding changes to a Luna Bar? Um, yeah I did. /sigh

Anyways, as I was thinking these deep, deep thoughts yesterday, I also got to thinking about how much emotional investment this hobby takes. Personally, before I started playing this game, I went through about a 6 month phase where I was making a lot of jewelry with semi precious stones and sterling silver, as well as making a lot of purses, clutches, and pouches using various fabrics.

But that hobby never involved feelings of anger or sadness or drama that has sometimes come up playing this game. Though yes, it also didn't bring up all of the positive emotions that this game has brought either.

Have you really ever thought about how much emotional investment this hobby of ours invokes? Isn't it kind of crazy if you think about it? And I wonder if bloggers get more emotionally invested, or whether its just that we have a public outlet to display them.

Anyways, I used the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon above in this post because ultimately we are playing this game for fun. But sometimes it seems that we have to work so hard, to be so serious about protecting our having fun in this game. Or maybe its just that because we value this game so much, we are more emotionally invested to it? I don't know. /ponder


  1. FYI, the mint-chocolate luna bars taste really good. ;) Seems like the same content as a power-bar really, just marketed for women. Anyway...

    Everyone who read the cata-raiding news put their own, personal guild context into their initial reaction of it. No one likes drama: many are scared of change and what it may bring for their guild. Some lashed out rashly out of anger or just misunderstanding, especially in reaction to seeing others' exuberance. Many of the rudest were those that really just like to argue and troll. Some of those rude ones just feel entitled and don't like seeing their toys go to people they bullied.

    Bloggers aren't the only ones to get emotionally invested... we are just more public about it :) I can only imagine how many guild forums are munching on the news right now! And the officer sections of those forums, as well, as the leaders sit down and start seriously discussing which format they would like to take. Bloggers, however, are the ones who alter public perception of the news... and help the community as a whole think out the changes.

  2. I ate a box of these by mistake, I have the sudden urge to cuddle. Oh that and my Tits look great. LOL!