Friday, April 16, 2010

Raid detention slips?

Being a raid leader is not an easy job. People liken it to herding cats. I'm sure every raid leader deals with misbehavior from time to time. Perhaps they should write out raid detention slips! Here are some real detention slips (from some funny kids) and who in our guild would be most likely to get them in a raid:

1. "Can it be that big" = Wutsie? Kal?

2. "Constant defiance" = Um, me or Vel

3. Superman = Hmmm... T-baby? Nkm?

4. "That's what she said" (similar tone to #1) = Sam

5. "All your base belongs to us" = Nico? Shmoo?

And not that I forgot them, but I really can't see Buns, Darc, Heidi, Boog, or Suzzy ever getting detention.


  1. Detendtion for a wisecrack? Either there'sa history there or that teacher needs to chill the fuck out.

    If I remember correctly, a 3 mile race was approximately 5k, making a kilometer significantly less than a mile. That man is a damn noob.

    Character points? Sounds like second grade. IN that case, immitating Superman seems like possibly the least bad thing a student could be doing.

    A repeat!

    That kid was being an idiot. A better punishment would be to not give detention, but suspend him from the chess club/sci fi club/whateverothernerdthinghedoes. Then someone will kick his ass. Problem solved.

    Oh hey look, there's a forest behind all these trees.

  2. The teacher being wrong was classic. The response that the student should just accept the lesson without comment is wrong. Schools are there to teach the right information not the wrong information. The kid should get bonus ponts for making sure the teacher knew what he was talking about.

  3. What? You don't have the detention for the kid running around yelling "Seal of command fades, cast seal of command!" and punched another kid in the mouth?

    For shame.

  4. OMG Khol Drake, that is the funniest detention slip I've ever seen!!!

  5. Hooray for detention!