Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You make do with what you have

Last night, Atania, Jess, and I were on and wanted to finally start on the quest chain out in Blades Edge for Ogril'la rep. Sounds good, right? Well it was just 3 of us and the three quests that Mog'dorg gives out are 5 man group quests. We sort of hem and haw a bit, because we have 4 manned 5 man group quests before, but to 3 man them? We finally decide, what the heck, lets give them a shot with what we have.

The only one we had a bit of trouble with was Grulloc Has Two Skulls. A couple deaths were had. But after buffing up with elixirs, scrolls, and food we got him down. The two other quests, Even Gronn Have Standards and Maggoc's Treasure Chest were fine.

What's the lesson here? A well geared tank and healer can allow you to 3 man 5 man group quests. However with only 1 dps, its a long fight. Poor Atania was quite busy last night!


  1. Wow, that's awesome. Makes complete sense, but still... you don't hear people doing that very often.

    Unfortunately for the next quest you NEED 5 to stand in the fire circles, good luck finishing the rest of the chain and making it to Ogri'la.

    (PS - I just recently started reading your blog, really enjoy it.)

  2. Thanks Nasirah! Yes, Jess told me the next part requires 5 to summon. Boooo!

    Glad you enjoy the blog... I'm still amused and surprised people read and enjoy my silly little blog.

  3. Job well done! Good lucks getting the rest of the way - Ogri'la's a good place to make money, and I loves the "Bomb them again!" quest.

    What can I say? I likes reading silly little blogs.

  4. That was fun! I keep meaning to write a post about tank and healer questing -- two classes that while not optimized for soloing, work great together. My one regret is that while leveling I didn't team up with K earlier for group quests instead of skipping many of them. There is good XP and rewards to be had from group quests, and they are good practice for instances.