Thursday, November 22, 2007

The tree lives

Just wanted to check in and thank everyone for their well wishes. I am alive and well... though I am now away from home for Thanksgiving and the internet connection here barely supports blogspot, much less WOW.

It is weird how WOW distorts time... well for me it does. When I was playing a lot and a friend would be away from the game for a week or week and a half, it seriously seemed like they were away for a month! Hopefully my guildies and friends in game haven't forgotten about me. :)

Happy turkey day everyone! Though this picture is a little disturbing with that big axe sitting on top of that poor tree...


  1. Oh no -- we haven't forgotten!

  2. Yep, I haven't forgotten you either ...

    and I am 69 too ... I am so waiting for you to get back on and get some stuff done together :)

    lovelace / hs

    Glad to see you will be back by the way ..