Monday, November 5, 2007

Holy crap!

Holy crap #1: D dinged the big 70 last night! Yay! Check out the picture on the left. D looks so pensive sitting on that chair...

Holy crap #2: After waiting what seemed forever, I finally got my Hood of Primal Life and Gloves of Living Touch made this past weekend, one day after the other! The hood makes me look especially rogue-y, it covers my face.

Holy crap #3: I skipped the fishing tournament yesterday to go to Arathi battleground with Atania. We went to Warsong for the first time as well. I'd like to apologize to the 8 other alliance members who were on our team because we were absolutely clueless in Warsong. What? When did I get into pvp? Im still learning, but what's fun is that I'm using all sorts of spells I haven't used in a long long time. Yeah take that! Entangling roots! Hurricane! Cyclone! Its actually sort of fun doing some damage for a change.


  1. Grats, Keredria! And you thought you were having fun before! And grats on those two upgrades, as well. Both very nice!

  2. Heheheheheheh...........
    Now I'm not sure what to do with myself. LOL