Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where's the Dramamine?

Last night was my first night back playing WOW in two weeks. Something that always happens to me after a break is that I get somewhat sick from the movement in the game! Walking around was bad enough, but flying, oof! It wasn't quite as bad as the picture to the left (screenshot from a funny quest turn in a while back), but I couldn't be on that long.

Couple of notes from my first night back:
1. Pools of fish are a lot harder to see, which I guess they had to do to make the tracking fish skill worthwhile. I'd be sitting there wondering whether I was done fishing the pool for a couple of seconds before realizing the pool was gone.
2. I love the guild bank. My guildies were teasing me for having to organize it as soon as I got in it. But hello! There must be some semblance of order! I like having all similar stuff grouped together. What's odd is that I'm not OCD or neat at all in real life. Just in WOW.
3. My healing gear now has all this additional +dmg stats added. I may not have to switch back and forth between my healing gear and solo gear. Not sure yet about that... will have to do a little more research. Anyways, it seemed to me last night that the casting time on some of my damage spells were reduced. Or maybe the two week break affected my memory...


  1. I know what you mean about the motion-sickness: I didn't play for two weeks back in August and when I got back on I had the same experience.

    And how about those Heels?

  2. Thanks Phaelia!

    And yes, Gillir, we (yes we, because I am the sixth man on that team!) are taking it all this year baby!