Thursday, November 1, 2007

Grinding gold

Ok, I can only blog so many times about how lucrative fishing is. (However, if you are on Drenden, please disregard what I just said. If I see you in any of my fishing spots, it's on baby!!! I will whack you upside the head with my 46.5 dps fishing pole.) Anyways, I know not everyone has the patience to fish or to level it up to fish the Outlands.

So I thought I'd give another (non-profession tied) suggestion for making gold, grinding materials needed for various reps. The mobs that drop these items are easy kills, level 61-64 I believe. Lots of people need rep and are not willing to grind the stuff themselves. Thus, they can go for a pretty penny on the AH. On average, I would say each of the items below are listed on the AH for anywhere from 50-75 silver. That's 10-15g per stack... sometimes more.

1. Collect Firewing signets which are used for Scryer rep. Grind them up in Firewing Point in Terokkar. I'm sure the same applies for Aldor rep, but I'm not Aldor so I don't know what their thingies are.

2. If you are an herbalist, collect Unidentified plant parts for Cenarion Expedition rep. Even if you are not an herbalist, a great place to grind is the Dead Mire in NE Zangarmarsh. Unidentified plant parts and Motes of Life (1 primal life averages 7g on Drenden) drop frequently from the mobs.

3. Collect Arrakoa feathers for Lower City rep. The market for these may go down a bit in the future with the rep requirement changes to run heroics. But there will still be people who need to get to honored. I found the best place to grind these feathers was Veil Shienor in Terokkar. Drop rates vary, but on average an hour of grinding got me 45 feathers, 6 decent selling greens, and tons of cloth.

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