Monday, December 3, 2007

How you can use WOW to get over a breakup

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was dealing with some real life drama where I needed to take a break from WOW for a bit. In fact, I was and still am getting over a tough breakup of a long term relationship. I've come back to playing again and I've realized that yes, you can use WOW to help you get over a breakup.

1. Strip down, dance naked on the AH table, and flirt wildly with that hot night elf or cute gnome you've always had an eye on.
2. Go to a battleground and take out all your anger and hurt on the opposite faction. For every red name you see, insert your ex's name. Then proceed to do some serious damage.
3. Go on a wild shopping spree and buy that leet purple epic you've always had an eye on.
4. Get everything in order! Clean and reorganize your bank and bags.
5. Talk to your friends in game about it. Many thanks to D and Jess for listening to my pathetic ass over the last couple of weeks. I especially loved when Jess, our tank, said she'd like to shield bash him. :)
6. If you are a girl, realize that guy + wow = geek, but girl + wow = hawt. At least this is what Jess says.
7. So because of #6, go to a public place, maybe a coffee shop, and bust out the WOW. Sit back as curious guys come to talk to you and offer you pieces of toffee cookies (inside joke for Atania).

So you see, WOW can help you get over a breakup! Oh lol... I am such a dork. :)


  1. Heh heh. Yeah. I suppose I've somewhat internalized my role as Keredria's "tank."

  2. Sorry to hear this, but there will be always a better one! ;) Enjoy life, enjoy Wow!