Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hmmm decisions, decisions.

Due to my stupidity, I have been stuck at O'hare airport trying to get home to North Carolina for 9 hours now. I've picked up this really bad habit lately of pushing it too close for flights, relying on my frequent flyer mile status and upgrade status to fly me through. Well I missed my flight this morning (first time ever) and have been stuck in the Admirals Club ever since. At least I have free wireless in here... even ran a couple of AV runs earlier!

So what do you do in an airport for 9 hours? Ponder the meaning of life? What happens after death? Ponder what system could be worse than the airline system? (I would vote healthcare.) No... you ponder purchases. Specifically, you ponder pvp purchases.

So I would really like to upgrade my crappy shoulders and waist with pvp gear. I mentioned the other day that I'd love to get the [Vindicator's Kodohide Belt] to upgrade my current waist piece, which has +30 stam, +20 spirit, and +45 healing. It requires 17,850 honor and 40 AB marks. With the swap I improve +13 in stam, swap +30 spirit for intellect, add +30 in healing, and add 9 MP5.

But I also want [Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders] to upgrade [Pauldrons of Arcane Rage] It requires 11,250 honor and 20 AB marks. With the swap I improve +15 in stam, +3 intellect, lose 12 in spirit, add +19 in healing, and add 4 MP5.

So what should I get first? Which of my current pieces sucks more? My shoulders or belt?


  1. I'd go for the belt if I were you. I think the gain of mp 5 and healing is for your current gear status important ^.^

  2. Yeah, the belt will give you the bigger +healing upgrade. Too bad the PVP gear doesn't have Spirit on it.

    Have a safe trip to N.C.