Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spellthread... what?

So I'm just tooling around last night, actually more like farming honor in AV, when Jess asks me whether I knew about golden spellthread. She found it persusing the AH. Huh, spellthread? Well much to my surprise, its like an enchant on pants: [Golden Spellthread]

I bought it off the AH for about 200g, which I think is definitely worth the +66 healing! So my pants went from +77 healing to +143. How come I didn't know about this before? /sigh

On another note, I would like to present a quest to you readers.

Find Daihiro:
The Left Claw's GM Daihiro has been missing for two weeks now. Find Daihiro and let Keredria or Jessika know of his whereabouts.

You will receive K and Jess' eternal gratitude. Ok we'll throw 10g in there as well.


  1. Yeah, them spellthread plans is something the Aldorks sell to tailors. 200g sounds like a good price. Scrybabies got similar ones, geared more fer mages or 'locks. Just FYIs, there's a Silver Spellthread too, less potent but cheaper. And I'm sure Jess is all over it, but just in case, leatherworkers makes leg armor kits what be good fer warriors and other melee types.

    Hasn't seen yer GM, but I'll gives a whistle if I do. Lemme know if ya see Tarsius, me GM. He ain't been around in like 5 months.

  2. Spellthread is an Aldor thing and incredibly useful. I can do the Silver version, and am busy grinding the rep for the Golden one, too...