Wednesday, December 5, 2007

K on vacation

This will be my last post for about a week and a half. I am going on vacation and will be in Stockholm and Rome. It'll be a nice way to escape the Chicago snow, though I realize Stockholm won't be warm and sunny either. But look how pretty it looks!

Thanks for everyone's input on my post from yesterday. I do believe that Alterac Valley may have become my favorite BG. Its definitely less frustrating when I can try to hide amongst 40 players. I got nearly 4400 honor yesterday, which was insane. I had like 4 awesome wins in AV in a row. So this morning, I logged on to buy my new bracers!

Finally, I had to share this. I mentioned before how I can see on my statcounter the specific search terms that landed people on my blog. I'm looking at this the other day, and I kid you not, someone landed on my blog via the search "how to change from being a skank". What in the?!?! I don't know what's funnier that my blog came up or that someone felt that needed to google that phrase. It fed into my post on being a female gamer where I think I mentioned how some armor turns up skanky on the female characters. But hey, beyond sharing my silly stories with you readers, I'm glad if I can help at all on how to not be a skank!

Until I'm back, happy raiding, questing, fishing, killing, pvping, farming everyone!


  1. Have fun on vaction. (So jealous... I've never been to Rome...)

  2. Have fun on your vacation and gratz on your new bracers. I did get those shoulders and already took them out to show off in the arena and bgs.

    Mostly I do AV ... it's a good bg for 'solo' play and gives very good honor.

  3. Top five reasons why we know that Keredria (our guild's uber-healer) has been on vacation TOO long:

    5. Supply of bandages VERY low.

    4. People who should not be doing PvP (e.g., protection warriors) doing PvP.

    3. Rolling-up low-level healer toons just to remind ourselves what healing spells look like.

    2. Guildies are wandering around aimlessly in Teldrassil trying to strike up conversations with random trees.

    1. Making silly "top 5" lists to let Keredria know that her guildies miss her and that she needs to get her leet epic kilt-wearing healing ass back to Outland. ;)