Thursday, September 27, 2007

Patch 2.3 - fishing and cooking

We just got patch 2.2, which by the way has seriously screwed up my sound. It sounds like I have a box of rice krispies in my laptop... constant snap, crackle, and popping.

Anyways, word is that with patch 2.3, those who fish will be able to track fishing nodes, like herbalists and miners do. They're also adding some new fish as well. However, most of us avid fishermen/women already know where all the good pools are.

So I'm much more interested in seeing the addition of cooking daily quests! Hmmm, I wonder what that will be like? Bring me 10 golden fish sticks or roasted clefthoof? The quests will probably have to reward me with new recipies or something cool because I'm not going to just easily hand over food that I can use, share with guildies, or sell for a pretty penny.


  1. Booo! I have some pride in the fact that I can remember where pools spawn. Also how much help do we really need? Where are the pools? Ummmm...maybe in the water and near land?

    Sorry...just a little grumpy because the [Hot Coffee] hasn't quite taken effect yet.

  2. I know Jess... it sounds odd. Maybe its not exactly what we think it is. Though I can't imagine what else it could be when they talk about marking fishing nodes.

    So that Hot Coffee gives you +Stamina, +Strength, +Intellect, +Spirit, then -Grumpiness?