Monday, September 17, 2007

Flight form + fishing =

[Mr. Pinchy]

I picked him up on one of the elevated lakes in Terokkar, Lake Jorune (above Stonebreaker Hold), from a pool of Highland Mixed School. I haven't made any of the three wishes yet, I hope one of them is the Magical Crawdad pet.

I've been fishing the elevated pools for a while. You can actually get up to Lake Ere'Noru without flying, there is a backway up there with an epic land mount. Fishing these elevated lakes requires a very high fishing skill. I'm currently maxed at 375, with a pole that gives +20 fishing, and I'm using Aquadynamic Fish Attractors, which gives +100 for 10 min (not 5 min as the lures say). So even at a fishing skill of 495, I still lose some fish. Plus Aquadynamic Fish Attractors aren't always available from vendors.

So I participated in the Stranglethorn Extravaganza for the first time on Sunday. I wanted to get the +35 fishing pole that the winner gets. Well, lets just say I didn't do so well. I think I spent too much time running around looking for the pools of Speckled Tastyfish and I also think I was too nice to the other competitors(I would guess there were about 20 competitors). If someone was fishing in a pool, I didn't go there. But others were not shy at all about coming to fish in a pool I was fishing in.

When the winner (level 70) was announced (you need 40 Tastyfish), I only had 21. Now I know how it works, and where to go, so I will definitely try again. No one fishes better than K! No one! :)

Want more info on all things fishing? El's Extreme Anglin' is a great place to go.

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