Thursday, September 6, 2007

The life of a healer

When I started playing K, running early instances as a healer was pretty tough. I found it really difficult not to feel bad when people in my group died. Like it was my fault. These early experiences of "L2 to heal nub!" in Deadmines kept me away from instances for a while. (Note, I wasn't running with my guild back then). I didn't really finish Stockades, Gnomeregan, or Blackfathom Depths.

I think the next instance I really ran and finished was Scarlet Monastery, with members from my guild. As I ran more instances in these mid-levels, I think I started to realize that wipes are not always the healer's fault! I started to recognize when others wouldn't let the tank get aggro, hitting mobs or bosses before the tank got a single hit. This meant that as soon as I'd heal, the mob would come after me. And I would go from a happy druid to a dead druid.

I still feel bad when I'm healing an instance and others die, but I now realize that its not always my fault! Dark legacy comics is a hilarious comic strip about WOW. Click here for a funny healer strip.


  1. As a balance Druid, I luv Resto's. When a resto is with me I know I don't have to heal and can just keep firing away, saving my innervate for when you need it most. You guys rock!

    A side note - I run an ALL Druid guild, Special Forces (alex), and we have 150 druids total. Approx. 6-70's, 4-60's, 5-50's and a vast majority in the middle. None of the higher levels, and I do mean NONE, want to be Resto. It blows my mind. I'm usually the one who heals when we group cause I at least carry extra healing gear for just occasions. So, when I see Restos running about, I always make sure to say hi.

    btw - I thought I was the only Chicagoan in the entire game of wow. You're the first I've met from our city. Yay!

  2. Thanks Pesce. Wow a guild of 150 druids? That's crazy! In a good way, of course.

    There have got to be other Chicagoans in the game... maybe we can draw them out!