Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Crazy fishing

My guildmates will laugh that my second post on this new blog is about fishing. Maybe because I enjoy fishing and cooking in real life, I've leveled up these two secondary professions from the first day I played WOW, especially fishing. I find it relaxing and a change of pace from the violent killing to sit back with a cup of coffee and do some ingame fishing. And once you have the fish, leveling up cooking is a breeze. At one point my guildies had to do an intervention to get me to level again. The fishing was so lucrative, I couldn't stop!

Now I won't say leveling up fishing isn't time consuming. It is. And it may be too boring for some. But for those of you willing to put in the effort, the rewards are worth it. In Azeroth, Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snapper, and Stonescale Eel sell well. And there are always pools on the western coast of Wetlands and Feralas where you can fish up various boxes of cloth, leather, and green items.

I made a decent amount of money from fishing in Azeroth. But fishing and cooking in the Outlands is where I've made an incredible amount of gold (much much more than from my two primary professions, herbalism and alchemy). Now I won't tell you exactly what sells well or what time of day and where to fish for it because :

  • #1: With a little effort you can find it easily online
  • #2: K still makes a lot of her money this way and doesn't want to easily give away all of her secrets!

Anyways, I love how cute some of the Outland fish are. For example:

Finally, speaking of fishing, have any of you been attacked by those crazy Mudfin frenzy out in Zangarmarsh? Sometimes they even leap out of the air to attack you. Maybe in real life it would look like this? I'm not sure what language he's speaking, maybe Portugese. But this video cracks me up.


  1. Fishing FTW! I remember seeing that you were spending a great deal of time in Feralas. I thought it was a little odd, but figured it was because you tend to be very meticulous when it comes to questing, or because maybe your dps was nerfed a bit due to your resto spec. Then the truth came out -- you were working the pools! Around that time I figured that you were having too much fun so I leveled fishing up myself and am glad I did. Fishing is definitely a stop and smell the peacebloom kind of activity. Tanaris was my favorite when leveling fishing. Jess would "camp" there. The flatulent sea giants sometimes ruined the mood until I beat them to death with my Big Iron Fishing Pole.

    Fun blog K. Keep it up.


  2. Did you see the Youtube video? Isn't it just crazy?!?

  3. Argh! I should be working! But yes, I did. The Top-Gun "soundtrack" cracks me up. Perhaps if I go to Serpent Lake and use my Challenging Shout I could get a similar result with Mudfin Frenzies.

  4. Those Mudfin Frenzy are no joke. I've gotten swarmed by them many times on the way to Coilfang Reservoir dungeons. Makes me wish I had Arcane Explosion. =)