Thursday, September 13, 2007

Current healing status and gear

I'm going to start updating every now and again what my current healing stats and gear looks like. I want to upgrade some of my pieces, I'd really rather not be wearing cloth if possible. But for now, I want to maximize my healing stats, not worrying about armor. Any advice from you uber healers would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I need a place to quickly go and see what my healing gear stats are. As Jess knows, I hate when I'm turning in a quest in solo gear and am not sure whether the healing quest reward is an upgrade or whether I should upgrade my solo gear. And often, I'm logged out in solo gear so checking the Armory doesn't help. Yes, I know there is some addon that can allow you to see what's in your bank, but I try to limit the number of addons I'm running.

Level: 67 (all stats unbuffed, no potions, no food, no scrolls, no nothing!)
Health: 5582
Mana: 6867
Intellect: 341
Spirit: 267
+Healing: 579
+MP5: 195

Chest and waist can't be linked, they're not listed individually for some reason. They're part of the Slavehandler set (Slavehandler Jerkin of the Physician and Slavehandler Belt of the Prophet). Pics instead.

Weapon: [Healer's Staff of the Forest]

Head: [Melia's Lustrous Crown]

Neck: [Ethereal Healing Pendant]

Shoulders: [Pauldrons of Arcane Rage]

Back: [Cloak of Healing Rays]


Wrists: [Goldenvine Wraps]

Hands: [Gloves of the Afterlife]


Legs: [Greenblood Pantaloons]

Feet: [Swamprunner's Boots]

Ring: [Holy Healing Band]

Ring: [Heirloom Signet of Convalescence]

Trinket: [Oshu'gun Relic]

Trinket: [Glowing Crystal Insignia]


  1. Oooo!! Updating! How fun!

    Consider the following options:

    Pick up the Avian Cloak of Feathers ( from Sethekk Halls to replace your Cloak of Healing Rays.

    Leather Healing chest available from a Netherstorm quest series:

    From the chest in Mechanaar, a pair of Healing Leather Boots: (you may need to wait a couple of levels)

    A helm from Old Hillsbrad (which you will need to get into Black Morass later on for your Kara key):

    A great, easily purchased 1-Handed mace: (expect to purchase for around 120 gold)

    Gloves: (Mana Tombs Quest) or (Ramparts Quest)

    Belt: (Arcatraz drop)

    That should give you plenty to work with. =)

  2. Phaelia (there, I got it right this time!), I don't know what add-ons you use, but one I've come to swear by is Rating Buster.

    At a glance, it'll compare what you have vs. what you think you want, and give you differences between key attributes (not necessarily stats such as Int, Sta, etc., but +Heal, +Spell Damage, +Mana, etc.).

    The drawback, as I think you alluded to in your initial post, is that it only compares what you're wearing, not what's in the bank.

  3. Okay, I really suck at this blog and comments thing. That's the second time today I've used the wrong name. I looked at Phaelia's comment, thinking YOU updated your blog entry.

    Sorry, K. I'm going to bed now before I really screw things up.

  4. Thanks, Phaelia... as always, you rock. We're going to do a Mana Tombs run this weekend so I will start praying for those gloves to drop. :)

    Hee hee Kestrel, don't be embarassed!

  5. I just deal with checking quest (or drop) vs currently equipped gear by a quick gearset switch from Outfitter addon.

    As a druid, you really should have some sort of gearset addon installed, if you don't already.

  6. finwe... does outfitter account for what you have in the bank? or do you have to have your healing gear set on you?

    K (addon noob)

  7. It only works if you have the gear on you. The name of the set is greyed out if some of the items are in the bank. I found a long time ago that I couldn't get away with keeping any of my main sets in the bank (bear, cat, healer). I do keep all the resist gear in the bank these days though.