Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Your public service announcement

I was pretty pissed this morning. Pretty pissed (though I should have been more saddened) that there are people who have to make low, personal attacks on those who don't agree with them. I guess either to make themselves feel better or because they don't have any substance to actually respond to opinions that don't agree with them (different opinions? on the interwebs?!?! the audacity!!!!) by keeping to the matter at hand.

I then had some conversations with fellow bloggers, had lunch, and things got better (meaning I got less angry). Though I still stand by my assertion that such low handed comments are not only unnecessary, but doing it via Twitter where they may not see such comments is downright cowardly. If you want to be a bitch, have the balls to do it to someone's face. Not everyone follows everyone else on Twitter.

But then I also made some posters that helped me and I think they can help you too.


I think I could use that one to help me during particularly painful BGs as well.

And second, I think this could help all of us, especially those who feel they have to make personal attacks against other WoW bloggers:

I believe I've fulfilled my good deed for the month with this public service announcement. Want to make your own keep calm posters? Check it out!


  1. *grin* I like them.. they could do with a line about how having a glass of wine might be a good idea :)
    *hugs* hope you´re ok and not still pissed off?? :)

  2. @Issy: lol. It could be something like "KEEP CALM AND REFILL THE WINE GLASS". :)

    A part of me does want to scream, hello, perspective? I mean a difference of opinion on a wow blog is going to cause you to be so personally hateful? Really? You're writing a WoW blog FFS not curing cancer or something.

    While I am still irritated by it all I have to realize that people aren't going to change. You're not going to all of a sudden show someone the light and make them realize how immature and petty and ridiculous they are.

    Unfortunately some people are just hateful and full of vitriol. So I'll just try to keep calm and keep on keeping on!

    1. *hugs* yes, sometimes things get under my skin a bit too.. I´ve had to turn a lot of things off so they don´t hit my radar :)
      I shall try and KEEP CALM AND REFILL THE WINE GLASS though :D

    2. Aha! I think I see what this was about now.. and all I will say is hateful person is hateful, and change is imposible when people don´t look in the mirror :)

  3. I've known K awhile now, and I know her well, but there are a couple times when she scares me a little and, like at the last Clawcon, I have to go in the other room. One is when she gets into fights on the interwebs. The other is when she starts talking about college basketball.

  4. Response coming tomorrow morning, in which I probably take this way too seriously, as is probably indicated by it not fitting in a comment.

  5. Or tonight because I got busy ranting and forgot to schedule it.

  6. ... what the devil is going on here? I disappear for a bit, and this happens?

  7. I certainly understand not wanting to keep promoting a jerk on twitter by letting us all in on the conversation, but some of us old folk don't even know how to look up something on Twitter so we can inform ourselves (searching Keredria didn't do much for me). I want to be a part of the drama, too! (:

    In all seriousness, I've been very careful about my reactions to inflammatory comments on my blog. There's been a few that really pissed me off to no end, but I've always taken the time to cool down. Twitter, being so much more instantaneous and reactive, would probably be a big mistake for me; I have a tendency to shoot (my mouth off) first and ask questions later.

    The posters, though, I love. I'd love to see those hanging on a wall somewhere, or as a simple graphical response to trolling commentators. I'm glad you're feeling "better" (less angry), but come on - fill us in! (:

  8. lol yeah Jess is cute when he gets freaked out by me.

    @Stubborn: Well actually the commentary wasn't about myself. In a strange way I actually get more pissed on behalf of others than I do when I'm personally insulted. Perhaps because I have pretty thick skin, but when someone says something inappropriate to someone else, I get pretty angry.

    But I think you're right... people can easily shoot their mouths off on Twitter without thinking through what they're saying. This is probably why I'm not on there.

    So I won't draw any more attention to the specifics of the drama, because I've realized this person feeds off this sort of attention, even if its negative, all to distract from the matter at hand. If we were to make a pvp analogy it'd be the same as someone trying to pull you away from the flag.

  9. It's fine, and I'm sure you're right about not furthering their cause, whoever it may be. Thanks for the response all the same!