Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tarecgosa pets for all!

Sunday night we finally got Nkm the legendary staff from Firelands. I think the hardest part was keeping that little gnome alive to walk through the fire to get the heart. Mage needs more fire resist nao!

After the raid we all gathered in SW for the show. Folks went to get popcorn, picnics were laid out, and we took our spots on top of the cathedral:

However when the event started it was clear we wouldn't be able to see anything from back that far, plus the event brought all sorts of additional spectators:

Here's something shiny happening:

After the whole event ended, the image of Nkm stayed around for a while. Though for a little gnome who just got a legendary staff, you would think he'd be happier. I mean look how angry the little gnome looks! Serious face is serious!

Grats Nkm!


  1. Grats, Nkm...

    on the sweet minipet.

    Relive Nkm's (and Chanti's) doom! - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rnmcw28osfszzdpp/log/?s=7040&e=7057
    Paste in query builder -
    [{"eventTypes": [1, 3, 4, 5], "actorNames": ["Nkm", "Lorosia", "Keredria", "Isaiahxleex"]}]

  2. Yeah, it seems that the projected image is of you *wielding* the staff atop the dragon. Our awardee was a blood elf, which is one of the races who tilt sideways in battle stance, so she looked pretty ridiculous up there. I presume night elves would be just as bad.