Friday, March 30, 2012

Moar legendaries!

Yep, our rogue got his daggers out of DS last night. So when we got Nkm his legendary staff, there was something for the entire guild to share in the reward (i.e. the pet). We get our rogue his legendary and there's nothing for the rest of us? As Kal would say, screwjob!

I tried to get a good pic of Violent with his new shinies, but found his profile pic on the armory was better than I could do:

I then had our three legendary wielders stand for a pic. Profile pic for optimum viewing of the legendaries! :) They look cute.

I hope now we can focus back on DS heroics. I told both Nkm and Violent that legendaries will get refunded if they don't do enough dps. I'm actually looking forward to doing some BGs with Violent and seeing those legendary daggers in some Horde killing action.

Grats again Violent!

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  1. Congrats on your Legendaries! :D Even if the ROGUE ONE didn't give everyone a cool pet! (They should totally have to buy special pets and give them to the rest of the guild as compensation, right??)